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Lead the Online Grocery Shopping Trend by Creating an Instacart Clone App

Users need not haggle with their local grocery store owners anymore as a comfortable 24×7 online shopping experience is assured by a platform like Instacart. It is a well-known American grocery ordering and delivery app that offers 500 million products for sale across 5500 cities in Canada and the USA.

What are the future trends predicted in the booming online grocery industry?

  • Real-time chatting between customers and delivery executives for faster order fulfillment. It includes more sharing of text messages and emojis.
  • More demand by senior citizens and they can shop groceries independently without seeking any assistance from their family members.
  • Shift in shopping habits from weekends to weekdays.
  • Increased shopping of personal healthcare products, household essentials, and alcohol is predicted in the years to come.
  • The main reasons for the skyrocketing preference for online grocery shopping would be greater convenience, faster delivery of products, and a personalized shopping experience based on the purchasing habits of the customers.
  • 95% of small grocery orders will be delivered within 2 hours and 50% of small orders will be dispatched within 1 hour. This boosts the efficiency of last-mile delivery by several notches.
  • More than 77% of online grocery shoppers will continue to purchase on platforms like Instacart in the future.

Compelling reasons to choose the Instacart Clone App are 

  • Entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of time understanding the market conditions and know the different strategies to follow in an online grocery delivery business before launching the app in the market.
  • The Instacart clone app is a customized and ready-made grocery ordering and delivery solution.
  • The feature-packed solution includes well-functioning Android and iOS apps for the customers, delivery executives, retail store managers, and a robust admin panel.
  • It can be readily deployed in the market, giving the entrepreneur a competitive edge over the rivals.
  • Users can purchase a variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood, bakery products, household essentials, office supplies, alcohol, dairy products, frozen food, beauty products, and beverages easily on the Instacart clone app.
  • Post-deployment services such as maintenance, technical support, and issuing software upgrades are also provided.

Focussing on the business intricacies of an app like Instacart 

  • The flexibility of Instacart’s business model is so strong that it has tied up with 45,000 small and large-scale retailers.
  • It includes profitable partnerships with standalone grocery stores and grocery chains.
  • The main value propositions offered by the Instacart clone app is instant delivery of groceries within a few hours or the same day and a guarantee of high quality.
  • The delivery executives of Instacart who work both part-time and full-time are benefited from flexible working hours, incentives, and adequate health and safety measures.
  • The local retailers get the advantages of a greater market reach and increased sales.
  • It has a robust technological infrastructure to handle millions of orders easily.
  • The main expenses incurred by an app like Instacart are paying salaries to their employees, commission to the delivery personnel, marketing, and technological maintenance.

The step-by-step process to use the Instacart Clone App

  • The customers have to register on an app like Instacart by submitting the required information like name, email address, location, and phone number.
  • The delivery personnel creates a profile on the Instacart clone.
  • The shoppers can view the list of products sold on the platform, their prices, and their availability.
  • The users add the desired items to their order cart.
  • They press the checkout option to finish their order processing.
  • The customers pay for their grocery orders using debit cards, credit cards, and electronic benefit transfer (EBT), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and UnionPay.
  • The admin is immediately informed about the new order request and keeps all the grocery items ready.
  • The admin informs a nearby delivery executive to fulfil the order request.
  • The delivery executive accepts the request and reaches the partner grocery store immediately.
  • He/She picks up the order and utilizes the route navigation in the Instacart clone app to reach the shoppers’ location quickly.
  • The customer is given the grocery order.
  • The shoppers can rate the quality of groceries and the professionalism of the delivery executive on a scale of 1-5.

Examining the revenue model of an app like Instacart

  • An app like Instacart charges commission from retailers depending on the order value, their reputation in the market, and the quality of products.
  • Delivery fees according to the time (same day, 1 hour, and 2 hours) and the total distance covered by the delivery personnel.
  • Instacart Express membership (monthly and yearly) provided for regular shoppers who want to leverage advantages like free home deliveries, lower product prices, access to new products, and exclusive deals.
  • Advertisements that guarantee better business traction for the partner grocery retailers.
  • Service fees where customers have to mandatorily pay tips to the delivery executives for each processed order.

The development methodology incorporated behind the creation of an Instacart clone is 

  • Acknowledging the business needs and operational scope planned by the entrepreneur
  • Researching the strategies followed by similar grocery delivery apps.
  • Preparing an extensive list of features and functionalities to include in the Instacart clone.
  • Developing the prototype with all the basic aspects.
  • Initiating front-end and back-end development of an app like Instacart.
  • Conducting in-depth testing of the Instacart clone app to ensure top-notch performance and institutional-grade security.
  • Launching an app like Instacart officially at an ideal time in the target market.
  • Promoting the benefits of the Instacart clone app across different social media networks, online grocery forums, and paid advertisements to attract more shoppers.

Final Thoughts

It has to be accepted that Instacart has changed the way of grocery shopping forever through its easy-to-use platform that functions as an online supermarket. The Instacart clone can also be integrated with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data analytics to enhance the overall shopping experience for the users.

The future of grocery shopping will also witness some innovations like cashier-less stores, self-pickup of orders, and the usage of autonomous vehicles for delivery. Entrepreneurs will also have to be ready for these big disruptions as earnings from online retail platforms overtakes physical stores in the years to come.


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