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Does Online MBA have value
By MANISH PANDEY 810 views

Does Online MBA have Value?

Online MBA is an alternative for working professionals to pursue their higher studies in management along with their work. In hindsight, we know that pursuing a master’s degree can have you an edge in the industry but not everyone can attend regular college by keeping their employment on hold. Hence, universities have started providing MBA via online mode to disseminate the knowledge of management amongst everyone who is willing to be management scholars. 

There are popular universities that provide online MBA in India where students get online lectures instead of traditional classroom teaching. Students get the opportunity to study at their own pace and according to their schedule. Management aspirants tend to think that a traditional MBA is the only program that can provide them value. But the trend is changing now and we need more options. 

Online MBA is for passionate students who are willing to have their MBA degree along with their work experience or willing to shift their job profiles by doing any specialization in MBA. Apart from this, students can complete online MBA programs in less time than they complete regular MBA. You may read also: How to Maximize Your Online Learning.

Benefits of Online MBA Course

Online MBA not only puts about theoretical information but also offers various other benefits to help students. Here is the list of all the pros of an online MBA in India:

  • Flexibility: Online MBA programs require less time in completion and students can attend the course from anywhere on the planet. Students get the advantage of both live and recorded lectures which offer them flexibility in learning. Universities do organize videoconferencing, live lectures where students need to be available at the scheduled time, but they have the advantage of attending class some other time with the help of recorded videos and ebooks. 
  • Affordability: Online MBA programs charge less than traditional MBA programs charge. Also, students do not need to leave their lucrative jobs while studying online MBA which means the burden of cost is less on students. Earlier, students used to skip the idea of doing an MBA because of its high fees but the scenario of education is changing now. You can take admission in an online MBA Course.
  • Easy Interaction: How often we think that online education will not let you interact with your peers and faculty. But this is just another misconception of online programs when the reality is different. Universities have started organizing interactive sessions amongst national and international students which helps in interacting with the masses in one go. Students can even have a chance of having group discussions on the module, and chat forums are also helping people in having an experience of real-life discussions. 
  • New skill development: Online MBA helps students in developing new technical skills and helps in being comfortable with new modules for new technologies. 
  • Quality: Universities offer lectures to online MBA students by the same professors who give lectures to regular MBA students. Hence, there is very little that will get lost in a way of live lectures. Also, online MBA programs are run by top MBA universities and they offer to teach from experienced faculty or scholars. 

Final Words

Before deciding to do an online MBA program students need to figure out what they want to do with a management degree or whether they are able to take out time for regular classes or not. Online MBA programs are more suitable for working professionals who are doing jobs and cannot put their employment on hold to pursue higher studies. Higher studies will always leave you with a high salary and a high profile job in a reputed firm and an online MBA is giving you a chance to have both higher education and experience in hand. 

Manish Pandey

I, Manish the new-gen Content Writer working with College Vidya the unbiased distance education web portal. I play my share in imparting the knowledge of distance education to aspiring students who want to continue education in every aspect of life.

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