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Indian Hotels in New Zealand
By JOE MAILLET 2,104 views

Find Your Optimistic Career in New Zealand’s Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry is one of the booming industries in New Zealand. Since, New Zealand is primarily a tourist-driven economy, with a majority of its workforce engaged in tourism-related activities like hotels, restaurants, travel agencies. Since, nowadays, a large number of tourists are coming from India, so many international students from India and local students, are joining hospitality courses to work in a large number of Indian Hotels in New Zealand.
Recent studies have indicated that the compensation for careers in hospitality is above average in New Zealand. A hotel management graduate can hope to earn a minimum starting salary of 40000 NZD per year. Even in small cities like Wellington, Indian Hotels in Wellington, continue to hire in large numbers. This demonstrates the resilience of the Kiwi hospitality industry.
If you are new to this field, then for your information, hospitality management is the science of combining customer service and daily business activities. This applies to all kinds of hotels, including Indian Hotels in Auckland. Students will inculcate the skills of customer care service, which is behind every role, which the candidate will perform. Graduates might also be required to perform behind the roles like catering and foodservice. The top schools, which are providing hospitality courses in New Zealand are namely, Pacific International Hotel Management School, Southern Institute of Technology, Otago Polytechnic, Manukau Institute of Technology. So, now, let us give the top reasons, why an individual must select a hospitality career in New Zealand.

1) A Whole lot of Employment Options

Students joining hospitality courses have varied career options, to choose from. There are many popular vocations and jobs, from which they can choose from like
• Tourism and travel agencies.
• Marketing and business.
• Tour operators and tour guides.
• Catering, eateries, and restaurants.
• Clubs, bars, and pubs.
• Conference planning and events.
• Passenger services.
• Wellness facilities, fitness, spas, and health centres.
• Organizing entertainment.
• Customer service representatives.

2) Lot of Diversity – International Exposure

Many schools in New Zealand offer international twinning programs, with other world-class universities globally. Candidates, who join Indian Hotels in Christchurch, can expect to work at leading five-star hotels in Dubai, and also Caribbean resorts. They can also travel by cruise, modern liners, and explore new places while getting paid handsomely. One solution is the hospitality industry. Besides all these perks, students and trainees also get opportunities, to attend training, conferences, as a part of their courses. Very few industries can offer their graduates, this sort of compensation and facilities, especially in a small economy like New Zealand. Besides, meeting new people and going to new countries, also gives them the chance to improve their communication skills, personality, and info about a new culture.

3) Lots of Growth in Career Opportunities are Available

The NZ hospitality industry, provides a ready-made path, for career development. Training is provided on the job on-site and there are lots of skills, which candidates are getting while working in Indian Hotels in Tauranga. So, students get more job responsibility, while working in the hospitality industry in New Zealand and their career gets direct growth while working in hotels and restaurants.

4) Very Decent Salary

The most attractive part of working in Indian Hotels in Hamilton is that salaries are very competitive and offer lots of perks like free food, drinks, etc. Virtually, all hotels pay their employees decent bonuses, increments, and rewards, for exemplary service. Starting salaries range from 40000 NZD and increases gradually. But, people at the top end can expect to earn upwards of 100000 NZD per year. The top-end people get a lot of perks like a free car, pick and drop, valet services, and other perks.

5) The World is Extremely Creative

Since this industry is very people-oriented, so it is essential, that people must be extremely creative, to get more and more customers. For succeeding as a hotel manager, the candidate must implement new and innovative ideas like themed afternoon teas. For providing customers, with top-class services, the individual can hone his customer-facing skills, by practicing daily. Also, presentation skills can be honed by utilizing vivid skills, and a pinch of salt can be added to the menu, for enhancing the dining experience.

6) Very Flexible Working Hours

The hotel industry is one of the most flexible ones in the whole country, with lots of afternoon shifts and night shifts. It is not for people who are into mundane jobs, like going to the same office, daily and doing the same job repeatedly. Many Kiwi students also work part-time, in restaurants and hotels along with their education. Internships in a big hotel chain can also help a great deal, in acclimatizing to the hectic work schedule, and the odd timings.

7) The working atmosphere is very comfortable

In every hotel and restaurant, the work atmosphere is the most significant part of the culture. All employees must be very friendly and must possess humility. So, all the employees must be very fun-loving, vibrant, and lovely people, which satisfies the needs of the organization. So, people love to work in this industry.

8) The Industry is Generally Recession-Proof

This is one of the biggest advantages of joining the hospitality industry in New Zealand. It is recession-proof and students always have lots of job security. Since people always travel, and choose hotels, for staying and dining, so candidates can be assured that their jobs are always safe. In this present recession, the hospitality industry is the one that added a lot of jobs and did a lot of hiring.


The hospitality industry is becoming more and more advanced, with a lot more adoption of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in day-to-day operations. Even during the present depressed economic times, with job losses prevalent everywhere in the economy, the hospitality industry has continued to recruit in large numbers in New Zealand. In this article, readers will come to know the exact reasons, to why an individual must select a hospitality career in New Zealand.
Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.

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