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Optimizing your crawl budget for SEO
By JOE MAILLET 590 views

Optimizing your crawl budget for SEO with Douglas James Reviews

Crawl budget is one of the most important concepts in SEO that people shy away from. Although a lot of people are familiar with craw budgeting and might have thought of using it when it comes to SEO. However, they presume it has little or no impact on their website. Some experts might tell you to ignore crawl rate, but the truth is, if you are running a large-scale website, crawl budget is something you should use to optimize your SEO. Crawl budget is used to influence your crawl frequency. It is the frequency with which websites that are crawled by search engines go over the pages on your domain. Every website as a crawl budget allocated to it by google. This crawl budget is used by Google bot to determine the frequency of crawling the number of pages on your website. 

Crawl optimization is one of the steps you take to up the rate at which your pages are visited by search engine bots. Limitations are put on the crawl budget to reduce messages received by the website from crawlers.to access server resources which can affect the performance of the site as well as user’s experience.  Although, crawling is not a ranking factor, it is good for the conversion and overall health of your website. Read on, as Douglas James, a marketing expert with great experience in digital marketing who inspired entrepreneurs to reach new success levels and grow widely profitable business explains how to optimize your crawl budget for SEO.

Update your XML sitemap

Updating your XML sitemap every time makes it easy for bots to understand where your internal links lead without error or redirects. Also, it is important to use the URL that your sitemap is familiar with while updating it. The URL has to be the same as the newest version uploaded by robots.txt. 

Avoid redirect chains

Redirect often leads to a waste of crawl budget. Avoiding redirect chains on your entire domain is a great approach to ensure a healthy website. The accumulation of 301 and 302 can hurt your crawl limit. This will make search engine crawlers stop crawling at some point making them not to index the important page on your website. Although, redirects chain are inevitable for a huge website, however, it is important to make sure you don’t have more than one or two redirects. 

Make sure your important pages are crawlable

To make sure your important pages are crawlable, your content and pages must not be blocked by robot.txt. File and bots should be able to access files. Moreso, it is important to block google from crawling unwanted files, user login pages, and many more on your website. This can be done with the help of robot.txt. Robot.txt. will disallow those files and folders and stop them from getting indexed. 

Improve the speed of your site

Improving the speed of your site increases the pages crawled by google bots on your website. Research has shown that a website with a high-speed boost user’s experience, consequently, increases the website crawling rate. Douglas James also buttresses this by saying that improving the site speed and implementation of advanced SEO techniques on your pages and website will make it load quickly which gives google bots enough time to crawl and visit many pages. Hence, a slow website will devour a crawl budget.

Adopt internal linking

URLs that have a lot of numbers of internal links pointing are often prioritized by Google bots. Internal links are links on a website page that move from one page on a domain to another in the same domain. They help users to steer a website and setup information hierarchy on the website. Internal links also allow google bots to find pages on the site that required index in order to gain visibility in Google SERPs.

To know more about how to optimize your crawl budget for your digital marketing, Douglas James is here to give you the answers you need. Check out Douglas James marketing reviews to read how he has helped different entrepreneurs grow a profitable business. Is Douglas James a scam? Well, you can go through Douglas James’s reviews to eliminate your doubts.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.