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ourtime dating website
By DEX ROCKFORD 2,007 views

OurTime Dating Website – Is It a Success for Seniors?

Our Time has been around for a long time, and has even made it into the mainstream of television (For those who have watched Grace & Frankie, a popular Netflix show, Grace uses it when she’s trying online dating for the first time), but is it really the best option? Well, we’ll find out in this article for the OurTime Dating Website. We’ll answer the popular question “Is it a success for seniors?”

The Benefits of OurTime

OurTime definitely is a popular platform for older people and conservative people to connect, because it caters mainly to the over 50 crowds, just like many others. With OurTime though, you can have live chat and instant messaging services, their excellent customer service that is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can literally add video and audio greetings which became popular with old-style personal ads.

But with all this, they are extremely secure and don’t market your information to third parties or affiliate websites or ad-based sites, and they are extremely big on user safety, allowing you to be able to pick who can see your profile and bio. What’s even more, they have a powerful search algorithm that is fully customizable. Check out these OurTime reviews to see if they would be right for you.

Is it the Best?

You don’t have to be bugged by people on OurTime, and it has many advantages for those who are over 50. However, the downside is that some seniors who are an older state that the website is somewhat hard to navigate because of the way it’s set up and because of all the features. OurTime also has mobile app options that can make it easier to interact with other users based on your location, and you can even get a good handle on grown-up interaction and conversation and literally just mingle with people your own age.  You can see the full Our Time review from Best Senior Dating Sites here.

What About Other Sites?

That being said, there are other options, cheaper, and even those which are more expensive, but more secure for you if OurTime is too much. Senior Match, for example, is a great way to initiate many features of popular classic platforms like eHarmony and Match.com, while being easy to navigate for those who are over 50 years of age. They offer many security features and can even give you many of the options if OurTime is not for you.

Senior Match also has a mobile option, and it requires you to actually verify your identity for your own, and others’ protection. This can be extremely useful. Also, the website is there to give you excellent tips if you’re a senior when it comes to fraud protection, as well as help to avoid scammers because the older market is an extremely sensitive market and is often targeted by people who want to abuse elders in things like finances and more.

If you’re not able to afford the excellent bonuses you get with the gold membership, signing up is actually free. But there are other alternatives like Dating for Seniors because most older people who are feeling lonely are wanting and longing for a companion, not just some casual fling. If you are, then these sites are probably not the ones for you and you might want to start looking elsewhere. You also don’t want to be on a website like OurTime if you aren’t above 40, because the website’s user base is primarily over 50.

Dex Rockford

Hi! I am a former journalist who has interviewed many people and experienced many new adventures. I have a passion for the truth and bring the people great content and uplifting stories.