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By DAVID NORMAN 2,839 views

How Do You Outsource Mobile App Development Projects?

Do you know around 52.5% of IT companies all around the world are outsourcing projects? This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as, irrespective of the size of your company and the number of available resources, it becomes difficult to manage everything on your own.

Outsourcing helps to scale your business, acquire more projects, complete more work in less time, and ultimately grow as a company. But when it comes to mobile app development outsourcing, companies are naturally reluctant – or feel they would jeopardize their reputation by outsourcing the project.

The key is to connect with a reputable mobile app development company – a company that will live up to your expectations and delivers a flawless end product within the given time.

So, how do you go about this outsourcing business?

5 Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development Projects

1. Collect All the Specifications from the Client

Your first step is to be crystal clear about what you are looking for; prepare a brief based on the requirements shared by your client. Being a software development company, you’d be able to further polish it up and make it easily understandable for another app development service.

These specifications must include whether the client needs an Android app, an iOS app, or a cross-platform app. Apps for wearable devices are also quite popular these days and creating such apps requires high-level expertise. 

2. Make a Poll of App Development Companies

The next step is to find an app development company. Sounds easy? It isn’t. Your project’s success depends on it, your reputation is at stake, you can’t take a risk by choosing any random company on a whim.

Instead, you should narrow down your requirements by stating what kind of app you need and for which device. Accordingly, look for mobile app development companies in Dubai.

You can research online or take recommendations from anyone in your cycle ( if they have prior experience of working with that company). List down at least four to five companies based on their portfolio and positive reviews.

3. Negotiate with the Best

Once you have narrowed down your options, it’s time to negotiate with them. In fact, it all begins with a formal meeting. Jot down your requirements and timeline and share them with each company.

Inquire about their hourly rates, team, expertise, previous projects of similar nature, and most importantly their timelines. When weighing the credibility of companies, check out their customer testimonials and reviews on Google.

It may take time but repeat the process with each until you find out your best option. 

4. Prepare a Formal Agreement

A formal agreement should set the base of your contract with the company. Never start a project without it because any company can turn away from its commitments and it would mean late delivery or an incomplete project for your client.

Write down all the specs, deliverables details, and post-development support the company has agreed on. 

5. Get Dedicated Customer Support

Managing an outsourced project can be really tricky, you can’t afford any error from your end or from the company working on the project. So it’s a great option to have dedicated customer support for seamless communication and getting regular updates about the project.

This way, if the original owner of the project reaches out to you to inquire about the progress, you will be able to give a prompt response.

App Development Outsourcing Tips

Note down some easy-to-follow outsourcing tips to make it simple and straightforward to hire and deploy agencies on your client’s project.

1. Hire Local Companies

The first tip is to prefer local companies because dealing with foreigners can be really difficult due to the language barrier and the time zone difference. Say you outsource an app to a company based in the United States, communicating with their team would require you to sacrifice your midnight sleep.

The currency difference can also cut down your profit. But when you work with locals, not only do you get prompt responses against queries but can also visit their office, learn about your project’s progress, and enjoy peace of mind.

2. Never Hire the Cheapest Company Unless it’s the Best

The outsourcing model “Get Expensive Work and Outsource to Cheap Services” will lead you to doom. Your clientele will never expand if you follow this approach. Instead, you should rank companies before outsourcing the project according to their portfolio and credibility.

Once you have outsourced a few projects, you will be able to come up with accurate estimates about app development projects to outsource without compromising your commission.

3. Look for Energetic Freelance Teams 

Want to save a few bucks without compromising the quality of the project? Hire energetic app development teams based on freelancers. Freelance teams prove to be a lot more reliable and inexpensive compared to companies. 

However, don’t end up hiring fresh freelancers who have no idea how to go about app testing and other important parts of an app development project.

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