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Plum Cake
By KULDEEP CHAUHAN 1,901 views

How to Market your well Packed Plum Cake Online?

It isn’t enough to know the different ingredients of a plum cake as it must reach consumers first to be tasty enough for repeat orders. You must be already aware that there are hundreds and thousands of cake manufacturers, small, medium to large, and individuals trying to sell cakes of all varieties through online stores. It is noticeable that there is a steady preference for plum cake all over the world by and large.

Generally, the most commonly used ingredients in a cake are flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and a leavening agent. The leavening agent most used is baking soda, while some replace butter for oil or margarine. When it comes to plum cake, you will find a generous input of dried fruit or fresh fruit. Again, some plum cakes may contain alcohol, while others may have rum or brandy in them. The point here is that there are various ways to bake a plum cake with a mixture of ingredients. Yet, it is not easily marketable if you don’t look after a few plum cake aspects other than the ingredients.

Specialize Only in One Unique Type of Plum Cake

You must specialize in using your talent for baking cakes on one unique plum cake formula. This would surely be markedly different from all other cakes. If you feel, you may even brand them so that your cake can easily be singled out from numerous others. Along with this, make sure to standardize your cake ingredients that fit this unique formula over and over again.

You ought to have a different plum cake mould for each type of cake shape. This may be small, large, and medium. Again, it would help if you also had small round moulds, square ones, and a set for moulds for giving your cake available in various shapes.

It is usually the case that metal moulds are most popular, and these are made out of aluminum or aluminized steel. This is because aluminum distributes heat evenly to all sides when baked. You may then choose to cook or bake your cake with safe materials.

Among the safest materials are stoneware, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, silicone baking mats, and enameled cast iron. If you find your cake is getting too brownish, then this happens when the outside of the cake burns while the inside or middle is not yet cooked. You can avoid this by covering your cake with foil during baking. But do so only in the second half of baking time only. After all, it would be best if you had your cake be crusty on the outside.

Wrapping and Packaging Your Special Plum Cake

Before customers get to know your plum cakes’ taste, they would get inspired first by the packaging. It would be best to have different inner packing for small, medium, and large plum cakes. For example, with small rectangular plum cakes, you must wrap them with wax paper first.

Your plum cake then must be refrigerated to keep it stored safely before shipment. If the plum cakes are wrapped in wax paper, they must be brushed with alcohol thrice a week and then stored in a cool, dry place.

Your cake must act as an advertisement, and for this, you must choose your plum cake mould and plum cake box and bake mold well enough. Perhaps, keep blogging about it or place an ad stating so. This will do wonders for attracting new customers.

The next step is to pack the plum cake in Styrofoam and also make sure to insert cool packs around the cake to keep it fresh. You then transfer the Styrofoam mailer into your hard, well printed, and decorated cardboard box. You must then mark and name your brand on the box and then ship it to your customer.

Individual mailing or shipping through courier is the best way as it takes less time and keeps the cake intact. The cake box ought to look special, and therefore it would be worth it if you can design the box so that it is instantly attractive. If you have a name for your plum cake, it should be conspicuous and printed in bold letters. This would enable customers to identify your special cake and give repeat orders for the same.

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