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Summer Vacation
By DAISY MOSS 1,078 views

The Ultimate Packing Tips For Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is just around the corner, which probably means your vacation is too! So, we’re here with some really handy packing tips to make sure you get your trip off to the best possible start. These might be things you already do, or perhaps you haven’t heard of any of them before, but as long as you learn something we’ll be happy!

The great thing is these things will be applicable no matter where you are going and what kind of trip you are going on. Now, let’s get into it and find the ultimate packing trips for your summer vacation!

Start With A List – Summer Vacation

This might be a really boring one to kick the article off with so stick with us, but writing a list is so important! As much as you might feel confident when packing, the chances of missing something are very high and could cause unnecessary stress for your vacation.

So, take 15 minutes to look online at other people’s lists and then write down anything else you might need (try to work methodically here working through different sections like clothing, toiletries, medicines, shoes, documents, etc), and it will transform your packing experience.

Then when you’re packing, simply tick things off your list! You might have a few things you need to pack at the very last minute, like phone chargers, makeup you use that day, or your laptop, so you could also have a mini last-minute list to go through, along with things you need to do around the house like empty the bins, change the timer on the boiler, and so on.

Don’t Forget Your Packing Cubes

If you’re a TikTok or Instagram user, you’ve probably seen plenty of different hyped-up items across the platforms, especially over the last few years. Many of them aren’t worth the hype, but one that definitely is when it comes to packing for your holiday is packing cubes! They are basically small compartments to put into your suitcase, with different technologies to help you compact the clothing down, saving space and keeping everything really organized. They also work so well if you’re traveling with a backpack, as you can access different bits easily without having to take everything out!

You can get them in many high street shops now, as well as online, whether you have a small budget or you want something more luxurious. In terms of the compaction technology, some packing cubes have additional zips so that after you’ve packed your clothes in them, you can squeeze them down to be even smaller.

We wouldn’t recommend using the compaction element on toiletries though, as you can imagine what could happen!  Packing cubes help you to save space, they help keep everything organized and they make unpacking when you arrive much easier, so we’d definitely recommend incorporating these into your packing routine so you won’t look back.  If you’re worried about carrying heavy suitcases or want to avoid the hassle of airport security, consider using a luggage shipping service to send your belongings ahead of time.

Keep Your Dry Cleaning Garment Covers

Next up, in the months leading up to your summer vacation, ensure you keep dry-cleaning garment covers, you know, the plastic ones that come over your clothing when you pick it up. When you’re going on Summer vacation, you might have really special pieces you want to take that need some extra protection. So, simply put this piece into the garment cover and layer it into your suitcase or bag, then it’s really well protected!

This also works well the other way around, for example, if you have one piece of clothing that has the potential to cause snags like embellished festival outfits on your way to Coachella, then you can put them into the garment cover so it prevents anything else from getting damaged. If any toiletries leak (we hope they don’t if you follow our next tip), it also provides that extra layer of protection.

Double Pack Your Toiletries

Now, the last thing you want when you arrive on summer vacation is to find that your toiletry bag has exploded and leaked all into your suitcase or backpack, especially things like sunscreen that are oil-based and really difficult to get out. Even with things that are easy to wash, you want to avoid spilling, so you don’t waste anything and you don’t have the hassle of cleaning up.

The best way to do this is to put your toiletries into their usual bag, making sure that everything is properly sealed. Then, put your toiletry bag into a thick bin bag and tie it at the top. This might not look the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s absolutely the most effective way to make sure nothing gets spilled. If you have anything particularly delicate, like perfume, we like to put it into a fluffy sock! This doesn’t take up much room but can protect your precious cargo for the journey.

Final Thoughts

Packing for your summer family vacation can often be stressful, but getting organized and following the above tips will help to make the process much more seamless so that you can start your vacation in the best mood possible!

Daisy Moss