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party hairstyles
By TIM_SANT 10,738 views

Find Here 6 Stunning Party Hairstyles for Women and Girls

It’s your friend’s bachelorette party or your prom night, and all you have been doing since morning is freaking out over your hairstyle. You have already pinned countless hairstyles on the Pinterest board but are still indecisive about your looks. If that’s so, take a deep breath and relax. Let’s take it slowly and start with hair preparation, which is imperative before hairstyling.

While there is still time, book an appointment with a salon and get ready for a bit of pampering. Believe it or not, a quick haircut and add-on services like wash and blow-dry can make your decision easier than ever. Once your hair looks healthy and free from damages, you can pick a pretty updo from our suggestions on party hairstyles for women and girls.


Do you believe the days of Pompadour are over? If so, it’s high time you change your thoughts. While the hairstyle was popular in the 17th century, it still steals glances and becomes the talk when you confidently walk while wearing the hairdo. Sweep your hair upwards from the face and keep the strands high over the crown to pull off this iconic hairstyle. Let your hairstylist know before the haircut that you will style your hair with a pompadour, and they will give you the right haircut to hold this class style in place.


But a ponytail looks so basic; why should we add it to our list of hairstyles for a party? Ponytails are everything but basic. Many celebrities even prefer tieing their hair into a ponytail over leaving their hair down. When groomed with care and pulled together with skills, it can add a touch of glamour to your overall look, whether you are wearing a mini dress, a long gown, or a pair of denim with a cute-looking tee. Ensure your hair is frizz-free before styling; else, your mane will look untamed. You can also consider concealing the hair tie with a strand of your hair by wrapping it around neatly and tucking it on the underside of the ponytail.

Low Bun

You are planning to look like a dive for the night; it’s evident that you would want a sophisticated look that will attract eyes and praises. While a high bun seems ideal as it makes you appear tall, it might not be the best. Instead of going with the obvious, think of a different hairstyle that will add glam to your looks the same way. A low bun, though it is often overlooked, is a hairstyle that changes your appearance in seconds. If it’s a casual event, you can keep it messy, but consider fixing loose strands with hairspray if heading to a formal event. Ensure you let your hair-dresser know about your hairstyle plans to avoid damaged hair from ruining your ultimate look.

Double Dutch Braids

You are probably wondering what double dutch braids hairstyle is doing in the list of party hairstyles for women! Double dutch braids are not so popular but, believe it or not, can make you look utterly stunning, regardless of your outfits – be it a ball gown, a sleek, long dress, or a cute LBD. When it comes to attending a party, most women only look for loose braids and messy updos. If you don’t want to be a part of the same herd, go bold with a neat hairstyle like double dutch braids. It’s best to get a haircut and a frizz-free hair treatment before styling your hair to tame your mane and easily create symmetry when plaiting.

Waterfall Braids

A waterfall braid is an excellent alternative if double dutch braids seem too bold to try. The hairstyle looks delicate but creates a beautiful illusion of waterfalls side by side running down by your hair. Depending on your preference, you can wear it only on one side of your crown or on both sides. It looks beautiful on hair that is naturally curled, but you have a straight mane, you can consider giving it a wave. Ask your hairstylist after a neat haircut to add waves to your hair so that you can braid with ease to create a waterfall effect. Adding hair accessories such as flowers and beads is also a great way to give a lovely touch to your hairstyle.

Half Updo

You can’t keep loose hair strands falling over your face, or can you? When you dance, your hair gets all messed up. But you can keep it from happening with a half updo. Easy to pull off, this classic hairstyle never goes out of trend and works wonders in creating a balanced look. Twist your hair to create a messy bun and secure it in its place with a hair tie. If you wish for voluminous edges, backcomb the loose hair as desired. Ask your hairstylist to curl your hair so that you can easily create waves for a more chic hairstyle.

There are countless hairstyles for a party but if you want your look to be unique and stylish, avoid hairstyles the others already follow. Consider these easy-to-do party hairstyles for women and girls, and get ready to slay the party.


Tim sant is a freelance content writer and writes for a variety of online publications. He actively writes blogs and articles related to dance styles, fashion, fitness and more.