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patient engagement app
By AVAA MITH 2,216 views

A Step-by-Step Guide to Patient Engagement App in 2021

The appearance of the covid-19 pandemic and the emergence of digital technologies in healthcare has increased the demand for remote patient monitoring solutions, and patient engagement app is one such aspect. These are innovative healthcare solutions. It facilitates the efficient monitoring and connecting patients with the doctor through video calls. 

Apps for healthcare providers offer significant benefits to the patients and healthcare providers. According to research, the market for patient engagement apps will reach $11.97 billion by 2020.


Mobile patient engagement is not an IT solution that the hospitals and healthcare professionals will have to purchase. 

This app is a combination of various technologies and solutions. It provides effective solutions to the patient’s problem. The main focus of the patient engagement app is to allow the parties to become part of the healthcare management.  

It offers a wide range of technologies and solutions to patients. It helps them to make effective decisions about their health. It reduces the gap between the patient and the doctor by allowing them to communicate with each other by using video calls. 


An important question that arises with the patient engagement app is that people are invested in all healthcare solutions. These solutions include patient portals, Telecare mobile apps, wearable apps, etc. So all of these investments are useless? Well, the answer is No.

All of these healthcare solutions are enough to help patients in making effective decisions. However, the current spike in pandemics has changed the healthcare industry. Today’s healthcare workers have little or no time to communicate with each patient individually on their preferred device, leaving acute care patients to their own devices.

The doctor is in such a hurry, patients who should show themself to the doctor for the first time to be treated. As a result, waiting for the patients to choose their preferred digital solution and then return is an unrealistic process.


A patient engagement app actively connects patients at various touchpoints, including check-in, appointment scheduling, and even digital payments. Aside from that, patient engagement software development provides many other fantastic benefits to consumers, such as:

1. On-time Appointment

One of the best benefits of this app is that it reduces no-shows. It is seen that most of the patients book an appointment online but fail to show. All of this results in large data collection, which is ultimately fruitless for the physicians.

2. Better Staff Productivity

It is another benefit of this app. By using this app, you can easily manage all of your workflows. It includes engaging with patients, alerting them about their appointments, collecting payments, and so on.

3. Generate More Revenue

The mobile patient engagement app helps doctors to generate more money for their clinics and hospitals by connecting more patients to the doctors through different touchpoints. The technology enables healthcare providers to consult people in need at the proper moment and through their preferred channel of communication.


Features are essential in developing any type of app, and the patient engagement app is no exception. Choosing the correct features helps you make your app competitive and save costs. 

So, here are some elements that you should include in the construction of the patient engagement app.

  • Email Marketing

Include many marketing channels, including email marketing, into your unique mobile patient engagement to announce all news and distribute all information directly to patients in real-time.

  • EHR Integration

Integrate healthcare solutions like EHR to securely store all the medical history and other related information of the patients with one click. The stored information from various touchpoints and wearable devices could enhance the clinical functionalities and diagnostic process. 

  • Data Management

As we know that healthcare solutions, regardless of their function, generate a large quantity of data. As a result, a comprehensive data management technology is required to handle all of that data efficiently. Aside from that, data management technologies play an important role in gaining a 360-degree perspective of patients and enhancing services.

  • Appointment Reminder

One of the most important components of a patient engagement app is the ability to connect patients and doctors via a proper channel. As a result, technology that can automate the doctor’s appointment procedure while informing and rescheduling patients’ appointments is required. 

Now doctors and patients are able to get in touch with each other easily with the help of a telemedicine app for providers. It provides a safe and secured platform to its users where the patient can quickly receive the much-required medical attention. Distance no longer is a problem. Doctors can now manage their clinics and provide their services to the patients with the help of this virtual practice app for doctors.

ConnectCenter is a SaaS-based appointment and prescription software for doctors. It gives them the ability to manage digital prescriptions, patients and drugs, appointments all at once. In addition to this, our software has a multiple chamber section for doctors. It helps them keep track of their online appointments and patients. 

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