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By ANCHIT SOOD 962 views

How To Get Genuine Buyer With PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy is a worthy complement to organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy or campaign. Especially, it is best for the companies who wish to make an impact on the market in less. The Digital Marketing strategy we offer is a valuable combination of PPC and organic SEO for long term benefits.

BIG search engine i.e. Google & Bing are continuously increasing advertising section in search engine result pages (SERPs). Unlike organic results which may take a particular time period to be displayed in the result; PPC shows you quick results. PPC advertisements give your digital marketing campaign a quick boost.

Tricky approach to PPC supervision:

You expect the most value for your money, which needs the expert help of a PPC advertising company. Yburis will work with you to define your goals, then optimize your campaigns to improve factors like Quality Score, keywords, ad copy, PPC bidding, and more.

To manage your PPC campaigns, we’ll:
>>Evaluate your goals and set your audience.
>>Study your industry and your opponents.
>>Research keywords to target the right audience.
>>Create landing pages to attract the interest of your audience
>>Manage and/or create the PPC proposal (ex. free download, free trial, whitepaper, etc.)
>>Control negative keywords.
>>Regularly monitor, manage A/B testing, adjust and optimize your campaigns

Daily doses of Tea and Metrics!!

Actually, we love to analyze big numbers. One often-overlooked metric that can reduce destructive spending is your Quality Score in Google AdWords. Higher the quality score… higher the ad displayed.

Just suppose you want to advertise for men’s clothing products, but, the page you are sending visitors to is all about women’s footwear. It is the fact that people searching for men’s clothing are intended to shop for men;s clothing; they don’t want to visit a page about women’s footwear. Then it wouldn’t be the highest quality for the searcher’s intent. Google needs you to spend more money per click in order to rank higher than other ads that are more on target. To stop overpaying, we will break your campaign down into different groups of keywords, ads, and landing pages which improve the Quality Scores of your campaign, lower the costs and increase clicks.

As we get your campaigns optimized, the success or failure of each becomes more of a statistical math problem:

2,000 clicks > 200 leads > 40 qualified prospects > 10 new customers

Every time your AdWords campaign is optimized throughout a digital marketing funnel like this, the results become more and more predictable.

Anchit Sood

Anchit is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Reputation Savvy Inc. & Websetters which is a pioneer in creating big brand websites, develops social media content, Online Reputation Management, and Marketing strategy