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payroll Outsourcing
By PAYROLL12 1,331 views

Payroll Outsourcing Companies in India

Payroll outsourcing companies exist in abundance, therefore, documenting them all in a single article might be a bit of an impractical task. Hence, listing down some of the most popular names further below.

1. RKCO Group :

Incorporated in the year 1997 and currently established in 24 states in India, RKCO Group offers various services, out of which payroll outsourcing is also included.

Benefits of engaging with them:

● Error-free payroll processing with customized ESS portal.
● A secured data connectivity.
● Handling of reimbursement processes.
● Processing of Full and Final settlement.
● Salary slip preparation.

● Compliance with laws and regulations. Office: Haryana.

2. Alp Consulting :

Established in 1996, Alp Consulting has been providing services in the field of Recruitment, staffing, payroll, and other HR-related areas.

Benefits they provide:

● ESS with the provision for employees to view salary slip, submit IT declaration, decide FBP, submit a query.
● Automated attendance with left import and export features.
● Web-based leave solutions.
● Management of reimbursement processes.
● F & F settlement.
● Reports generation.
● E-challan generation.

They cater their services to various sectors mentioned below :

● IT Services.
● R & D companies.
● Telecom.
● Semiconductor.
● Engineering & automobile.
● Energy, Oil, and Gas.
● Retail & Logistics.
● Pharma & Biotech.
● ITES companies or KPO’s.

Offices: Bangalore | Chennai | Noida | Pune | Hyderabad | Mumbai | Kolkata | Ahmedabad.

3. ADP :

With industry expertise rooted over 68 years, ADP stands as a leading compliance provider across every state of India. Fueled with the latest technology, keeping in mind the needs of clients such as scalability, disaster recovery, data security, and uninterrupted business continuity, ADP offers the finest solutions for critical business functions.

Benefits of partnering with ADP :

● Compliance with the latest rules and regulations.
● Accurate and timely support to employees to meet their ends.
● Consolidated, error-free, and intelligently procured reports and documents.
● Simple, integrated solutions.
● Flawless monthly salary disbursements and processing of arrears and reimbursements.
● Query management.
● Quarterly returns filings to avoid penalties.
● Freedom of employees to choose their own benefits package.
● Processes of End-of-year processes.

Offices: Chennai | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Mumbai | Gurgaon | Pune | Kolkata.

4. Paybooks :

Established in 2012, Paybooks strives to make payroll simpler and delightful for businesses open for cloud-based payroll software or payroll outsourcing services.

The perks of partnering with Paybooks are as follows:

● Accurate salary calculation.
● Management of employee life-cycle.
● Implementation of best practices in compliance and compensation management.
● Comprehensive reports on attendance, headcount changes, salaries, leaves, loans, etc. to ease the decision-making process for the manager in charge.
● Updates on labour law changes, compliance audits, advisory services, and liaise with other departments, therefore offering peace of mind.
● Flawless deductions and filings.

● Real-time access to all data with designated role-based individual profiles such as for HR, auditor, company owner, hence helping retention of control.
● Trusted security and data recovery policies.
● Prompt customer support.
● Assigning of a dedicated account manager.
● Online self-service app.

Offices: Bangalore.

5. Paysquare:

They offer complete payroll outsourcing and payroll management services. They are a payroll management agency that claims to offer the best of services to its clients by assigning well-trained and dedicated account managers to closely understand your requirements and accordingly deliver the needful services.

Benefits attained are as follows:

● Accuracy in payroll processing every time.
● No need for technology investments.
● Understanding the sensitivity of your information, they offer confidentiality at all times.
● Customized reports to enable faster decision making.
● Reduced cost.
● Ensured business continuity.
● Self-service portals for both employees and admins.

They cater to :

● Automobile
● IT
● Finance
● Food
● Healthcare
● Education
● Mid-sized

Presence: Delhi | NCR | Bangalore | Mumbai | Mysore | Hyderabad | Pune.

6. Husys :

Over 18 years, Husys has been serving its clients to counter their complete HR solutions with excellence. With their experienced professional team, they have promised to handle HR Function Management and HR Consulting Services in diverse fields.

The benefits of partnering with Husys are as follows:

● Zero chances of error as experienced professionals perform the job.
● Compliance with all statutory laws in accordance with PF, TDS, etc.
● Payroll processing is maintained by the state-of-the-art technology named APHUSYS, therefore leaving no room for manual errors to exist.
● Speedy resolutions to employee queries.
● It has a global outreach which means its experts are capable of handling the lawsuits and compliance of any country comfortably.
● They care about employee compensation, benefits, incentives, tax
deductions, statutory compliance, and others in a standard way.

Presence: Hyderabad | Bangalore | New Delhi | Pune | Jamnagar | Rajkot | USA.

7. TalentPro :

It is a leading Hr company in India which aims to provide end-to-end Human Resource Management Services to its clients. With over a decade of experience, it stands as a preferable partner for outsourcing your needs, across a range of services such as payroll outsourcing, statutory compliance, recruitment, staffing among other services.

Plus’s of having TalentPro as a partner are :

● Presence in 9 cities pan-India.

● From monthly payslips to full and final settlement, it offers a variety of services related to payroll administration.
● Proven experience.
● Offers flexible options such as computing variable pay, complex pay structures, multiple salary revisions and support most bank formats.
● Provides reliable services hence have customer retention of 98.9%.
● Fully automated payroll system.
● SSAE- Type II certification, latest data security measures.
● Motivated workforce. They cater to :
● Manufacturing
● Telecom
● Entertainment
● Institutions
● E-commerce

Presence: Bangalore | Hyderabad | Kolkata | Pune | Delhi | Mumbai | Trichy | Kerala | Coimbatore | Ahmedabad | Andhra Pradesh.

8. Brooks Consulting :

Brooks Consulting is a reliable payroll company established in 1999, which offers a plethora of services in the field of payroll consulting, outsourcing, co-sourcing, tax-proof management, leave/absence management, employee self-service, etc. With an ingenious and innovative commercial outlook which boasts to furnish cutting-edge yet simple solutions to their customers.

Advantages of having Brooks Consulting :

● Lower risk.
● Great convenience.
● Great efficiency through integration.
● Peace of mind.
● Reliable support throughout.

● Competitive pricing with no hidden charges. Presence: Gurgaon | Delhi.

9. SGC Management Services :

With a presence of 38 years, SGC management services have been offering relentless payroll management services.

Benefits :

● Effective and reliable services.
● Team of competent professionals having expertise and complete process knowledge in different field areas.
● Our expertise in assessing problem areas.
● Cost-effective solutions.
● Timely delivery.

Presence: Delhi | Gurgaon.

10. AJSH :

AJSH is a global service provider of innovative and analytics-driven business solutions. They offer payroll outsourcing services with accurate pay-outs and cent percent compliance.