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Pencil Cases
By LARREN SMITH 744 views

From Doodles To Desk – A Look At Special Pencil Cases For Young Artists

From roll-up cases to bold and bright designs, to those featuring separate compartments, every young artist deserves a pencil case that promises to protect their prized art equipment. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one to invest in.

Worry not, we have you covered. In this handy guide, we delve into the many variants available, detailing the benefits of each. Read on to discover more.

The Power of Pencil Cases

Young artists tend to like experiments with various mediums, ranging from traditional artist pencils to watercolor pens, and everything in between. This is when having a special pencil case to store all equipment is crucial.

Aside from protecting your artist’s tools, a pencil case can help you to organize them. The result? Instead of searching through drawers for a particular pen or pencil, you’ll know exactly where to look.

In addition, the pencil case you choose is a reflection of your style. If an artist has eclectic taste, a bold and bright design will likely be your go-to. If you prefer to create subdued, sophisticated watercolor paintings, a case in a muted hue may be more your style.

Types Of Pencil Cases

1. Double Layered Pencil Cases

Double-layer pencil cases boast a space to hold a variety of stationery, making them ideal for students of all ages.

Each compartment has a different use, boasting the perfect place to house pencils, erasers, pens, and other stationery. Available in various hues and sizes, this is the perfect choice for males or females.

2. Pocket Pencil Cases

An ideal choice for those who like to sketch on the go. They allow you to safely transport your pens and pencils to various locations without worrying about the graphic snapping or the pen leaking ink.

Most of these styles hold up to 12 pencils, six on each side, tucked away neatly in their protective pocket. This ensures they remain secure even when running to and from class.

3. Folding Pencil Cases

Folding Pencil Cases
Image source: Freepik

These pencil cases are for those who necessitate a larger tool kit. They come in various sizes and can hold between 24 and 48 pencils. Crafted from a sturdy material, they promise to protect your prized artist tools. All while still being easy to transport. They open and close like a book and are available in various hues and materials, meaning you can pick one that complements your style.

Most folding pencil cases operate with a zip-around closure and feature separate elastic loops for each pencil, meaning you can organize them by shade and size.

Some options, especially those able to house 84 pencils, come with a detachable strap, allowing you to carry items on the move.

4. Cube Pencil Cases

As the name suggests, these pencil cases, when not in use, boast a protective and sturdy structure. This is due to the plastic-lined sides, which create a cuboid shape. When in use, the case can be deconstructed to lie flush to a table’s surface. This allows you easy access to all of your art tools.

5. Portfolio Pencil Cases

These pencil cases resemble a flat portfolio with a handle. This allows you to carry up to 120 pencils, each encased in an elastic loop. When in use, this pencil can be opened to lie flat. This showcases all 120 pencils in two layers. The result? You’ll never be able to find a color again. You’ll also spot which hues are running low.

This style of pencil is also available with an additional layer. An asset to those who have a collection of pencils. The middle layer folds like a book page.

6. A Carry-All Storage Bag

Perfect for those who want to carry all of their pencils. As well as additional accessories such as erasers, paintbrushes, sharpeners, and other stationary goods. One side boasts a section designed to hold up to 132 pencils. The other has a neat mesh casing, perfect for storing loose items.

In addition, there is a pocket on the outside designed to hold an A5 pad.

7. Pencil Pouches

Pencil Pouches
Image source: Freepik

These smaller carrying cases, when folded, measure less than an A5 piece of paper. They boast two pouches, one clear and one mesh, and a m closure. The mesh section can store accessories like erasers and sharpeners. The clear section houses your pencils.

Being able to see your tools on display will help you to locate the one you need quickly. All without having to empty the contents of your case onto a table.

8. Pencil Rolls with Transparent Pockets

Pencil rolls are a failsafe option to carry equipment safely to and from different locations. Pencil rolls are small enough to throw in a bag, yet they still promise to keep your pencils safe and secure. Available in various sizes, some boast additional loops for bigger items, like pencil sharpeners, erasers, and paintbrushes.

Many of these designs feature an exterior flap, which rests over your pencil points when not in use, meaning they won’t become damaged in transit. For the heavier styles? These are secured with a Velcro or click-lock closure.

A Brighter Option

A Brighter Option
Image source: Freepik

Whether a budding artist or a student, the correct pencil case can make all the difference in staying organized at home and school. In addition, a hot-hued option, like art, can enlighten your life.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a pencil case will not only assist you in keeping your artist tools organized. They will also help you protect your pencils.

Many boast sharp tips that can easily snap when thrown in drawers. When considering the options available, consider your style, how many items you need to store, what items you need to protect, and where you will be transporting your tools to and from.

All of these factors will assist you in picking the personal pencil case for your artistic needs. One suited to your lifestyle. You may even invest in two – a stand-alone case for your desk at home and a travel case for school or abroad.

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