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Technology has changed the way we were living from past several years. Increasing use of electronic gadgets have made our life easier & fast. Computers are everywhere, you find computers in every little appliance you use. In Your home, offices computers become an integral part of our life. What if computers stop working? Let’s take an example of your personal computer got down and you are unable to send mails, complete your pending office work, play games etc. etc. You will become crazy and want to repair it as soon as possible. A single thought of your computer is not working whether in home or office can raise your brows. We need a technician to repair broken computers but it will cost you money if your machine is out of warranty. If you love fixing things and love IT then you can be computer technician.Roger Samara

You don’t need any formal qualification for it but if you have done masters or any diploma then it will be an advantage for you. To become a perfect computer engineer you need to take care of following things.

You have to take professional training in order to repair broken computers. There are lots of training program in which you can enroll. You can do online training program in order to work while studying. Be assure that your training program covers everything a computer technician learn to perform in practical world. From computer hardware to its operating system, software installation and maintenance, everything should be covered in the syllabus.

After taking training you can take certification exams to get expert in what you are doing. Certification will be the proof that you know your stuff. If you are certified Microsoft System engineer then it will open the endless possibilities to get work. CompTIA A+ certification is important for almost all computers techs as it focuses on windows operating systems. This certification emphases on MS 2000 & 2003 Windows platforms and Microsoft server systems.

Next comes the Experience, in real world you have to face real challenges and success comes with real experience. According to Roger Samara a computer technician with 10 years’ experience, your practical skills will stand you out from your competitors. Build a computer by your own and start giving free maintenance to family and friends computers. You can do paid or unpaid internship with local companies to get more hands on experience. Offer free troubleshooting if someone has broken computer. Keep yourself updated with the new technologies come in the IT market. Troubleshooting a computer does not mean a windows computer only. Get expertise in Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems too.

By following these 3 steps, a slight dedication and most essential your love for computers can make you a perfect computer technician in few years. To get professional advice on how you can be a good computer technician.

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