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lip balm

Things to Consider When Buying a Perfect Lip Balm During Winters

Winter being the coldest season of the year comes with a set of problems of its own. Lazy mornings, long nights, and dry skin are some of the common struggles of our humankind during this season. The lack of moisture and hydration for your skin can lead to cracking and in extreme cases bleeding of the epidermal tissues.

Especially our lips become chapped and almost undesirable. The layers of skin on our lips are extremely sensitive. Hence, there is a need to apply lip balm in regular intervals to prevent it. The dryness of the face can also become troubling, a face wash for dry skin is a must-have item for everyone.

Key ingredients to consider while purchasing a lip balm


Honey and its properties are useful in containing liquids. They keep the surface wet and soaked for a longer duration. It can soften the rough lips. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can act as a disinfectant. The benefits of honey are endless.

Beetroot extract

This may be a big surprise, but beetroot is also a key substance often used in manufacturing a perfect lip balm. The natural color of beetroot is a useful characteristic. It is also a source of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B.

Essential oils 

Oils are a primary ingredient in the creation of lip balm. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin and prevents dryness. It helps in minimizing the production of dead cells. Apricot, Jojoba, coconut oils are regularly used in creams and balms.

Shea and Cocoa butter

Another factor we often don’t consider is exposure to sunlight. Shea butter is useful in preventing the penetration of UV rays when exposed to rays. While cocoa butter helps in the retention of moisture.

What to look for in a face wash?

The first question that pops into our mind is – how often should we wash our faces during winters? Or should we wash our faces at all during winters? The answer is yes. The dryness of the skin is due to the formation of dead cells. Therefore, regular cleaning helps one’s face with hydration. However, it is important to pick the right face wash for oily skin. Constant washing can even lead to more dryness. Following are some ingredients that could help one achieve a glowing and desirable face.

  • Multani Mitti
  • Aloe Vera extract
  • Saffron
  • Sandalwood

Each of these ingredients works towards achieving a refreshing and relaxing tone for the face. For example, the Multani mitti can get hold of dirt easily, aloe vera helps prevent inflammation of the skin, saffron helps in de-tanning and sandalwood brings fragrance. This amalgamation of these elements accounts for the best face wash for dry skin.

Perfect Lip Balm

Regular care for our entire body is necessary for longevity and vitality. Most of us concentrate on regular exercise and diet for physical fitness. We often overlook the condition of the most important layer of the human anatomy. Our skin acts as a barrier for the entire body. It is essential to take care of it during all seasons. Especially during harsh winter which can deprive our skin of some key nutrients. Using the appropriate lip balm and face wash is not only important but also critical in protecting the outermost layer of your system.


Chandni Bhatt is a content marketer, writer and blogger who writes for a variety of publications and author of Travel Places India and PythonWeb Services.

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