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Searching for plus size dresses for weddings are not as traumatic as you think. Buying a big size dress is much easier compared to the regular one if you can easily recognize the designs that will fit you. You can look slim with magnificence if you first understand your body. Most of the plus-size people always dream of wearing wonderful wedding dresses but it always remains a dream. This all happens because they are not aware of their own body type. Nowadays several designers also design beautiful plus size wedding dresses for obese people. You can always consult them before you choose the best dress for your wedding. Here are some tips on how to choose your dress based on your body type:

Hourglass Figure

Most of the people in the obese category have an hourglass figure. This is the body shape that will usually suit a curvy silhouette with a smaller waist. They will have dripping curves and voluptuous figures. Using vertical lines in your dress will make you look taller and darker colors will help in hiding the extra fat. The ideal plus size dresses for weddings can be either trumpet skirt gown and mermaid shape. These dresses enhance your curves and help in emphasizing your best features. For those who would love grandeur wedding dressed, fishtail skirts are of great choice.

Rectangular Figure

It is also referred to as ‘I’ shape, straight shape, and H shape. You have to keep in mind that your silhouette is straight and any definition created must be from the waist with vertical lines that curve into your body. Using patrician seams work will also go well for your figure. Fitted bodices with a rather broad, Basque waist or v-waist will work well for you. You should always use A-line dresses to make your best features visible with this body shape. You should avoid gathering more material in your waistline. Using more of lace in your dress will make it look more elegant and pretty. If you are having heavier arms but would love to wear a sleeveless dress, lace is a good substitute. Choose a thin material so that it hides your flabby arms but also give you a sleeveless look.

Apple figure

This type of body shape is mostly referred to as a circle or spherical shape of the body. Women who fall under the category of an apple shape will typically be heavier on the top. Designing a dress for this figure is not an easy job. Your figure is visually larger or wider in the higher section than the waist area and narrower around your hips and thighs. Hence, you should always use vertical lines and avoid something that creates a horizontal line around the waist. A soft drape with A-line cut plus size dresses for weddings is the best choice for this type of figure. Most women have various ideas for the dress they wish to wear on their special day, like Scallop necklines, intricate embroidery, satin overlay makes it a fashionable statement, and you will surely be a gorgeous bride.

Pear Shape 

Pear-shaped figures are just like the apple shape figure. The pear shape has most of the volume on the legs and the hips. Asymmetrical type dresses are a perfect choice for this body shape for weddings. It will have more prominence and silhouette on one part than the other, like a ruffled skirt and a draped waist. These sorts of structural proportions on a wedding dress will make the delusion of a proportional balance.

All these options are the best for choosing your best plus size wedding dresses that will help you or your obese friends to fulfill their dreams and look gorgeous on the wedding day.

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