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hire image - background screening
By SOPHIA OLIVER 2,024 views

How to properly perform Employee Background Checks

In order to protect your company, you need to conduct background screening when hiring employees. Employee Background Checks ensure that the person you are considering for hire does not have any improprieties on their record, which could come back to haunt your company or the culture you’ve built within it.

Employee background checks scour data related to employment history, driving history, drug screening, academic or professional qualifications, and criminal records, among others. According to recent data, most companies outsource these services.

One such employee background screening company that is leading the pack is Hire Image. Since 2005, Hire Image has superior market standing and provides well-informed hiring data to each of its clients. Hire Image works with national and international companies as well as large enterprises and SMBs, ensuring that they continuously hire the right people in their own image.

Steps for conducting an employee background check

Adopt a uniform policy for conducting background verification

When conducting background verification, all information should be documented clearly in writing and should follow a linear and thoughtful process. Without it, data gaps can occur which can leave companies open to legal issues.

Hire a legal advisor

When conducting employee background checks, make sure to shield your company against complications by hiring a legal advisor. A legal advisor knows the law, knows what to do, what not to do, and when to do it.

Give candidates an opportunity to be heard

Consider giving potential employees a chance to clear their names if their background checks reveal issues. Information obtained through background checks can be incorrect sometimes so giving candidates an opportunity to address them might just save a great candidate.

Background check services should be FCRAcompliant

Hire Image employee background checks are FCRA compliant. FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)guidelines are clear on how to properly conduct a background check, especially in regard to credit reporting. All background checks should be FCRA-compliant.

Never assume

Critical information surfaces, from time to time, during the employee background check process. Companies need to impress upon their hiring managers that each step is critical and should never be thought of as routine. Be aware of each piece of background information obtained.

When confirming employment history, don’t ask for information about a candidates’ character

Character and attitude are not part of an employment background check; they are things included in an investigative consumer report. If you do so, your company is obligated, under law, to give notice to the candidate. If you require this information, seek legal counsel.

Sophia Oliver

Hire Image LLC has provided comprehensive background screenings and other investigative services including criminal searches and civil searches, drug screenings, employment, education and professional license verification, motor vehicle records, address and social security number traces, and credit reports.