Ours is the era of development and inventions, where, “Yesterday was the effort, today is the change so that tomorrow will be revolutionary.” Revolutionizing the world and society around us today is our social media platforms, amongst them the most popular youth app being, ‘Instagram’-the reason we call ourselves the ‘GRAM GEN’ followed by some definite perks that we enjoy. 


Instagram is one such platform where our most wants are fulfilled, our needs prioritized, and our voices are heard. It has transformed the way we connect to the world. It has helped us achieve our dream of being out there and be an essential part of society but on our terms and level of comfort. From fashion to cooking to fitness, acting, photography, modeling, business, and entertainment Instagram gives us access to one and all ecstasy. 

The world has to offer all in one application with almost zero demands from us except a stable internet connection. As FreeAccountsOnline reports, one can also create various accounts and post the content they find valuable. Let us focus on some fascinating facts about the app, which will make us keen and eager to vouch for it.

Keeps Updated On Idols

Admiration towards our goal and inspiration from people who have achieved it motivates us to dream with open eyes. Instagram lets us follow and keeps us updated on our idols, in turn, helping us to adapt their ideas and encouragement in our lives and draw determination from their remarkable journey. It gives a new vigor and refreshed outlook towards life. Instagram imparts to us the power to know about the day to day lives of our beloved celebrities, their priorities, the things they love, and people that are a part of their lives—knowing about their fitness regime and diet patterns. 

Instagram Live

They also follow being able to communicate with them using a unique feature called the “Instagram Live,” bringing us closer to them, making us feel that we are as much a part of their lives as they are ours. Since it is a global and more sophisticated platform, celebrities, too, prefer to have their social media handles on Instagram rather than Facebook.

Know About Upcoming Projects

We also get to enjoy the thrill of knowing about the upcoming projects in the field of entertainment like movies, series, music albums, etc. Speaking of which, Instagram also provides excellent space for digital promotion. Not only in the field of entertainment but also in the industry of Commerce, Business, and Entrepreneurship. 

Showcase Your Talent

In today’s world, there are talented and inspiring young minds who have brilliant ideas which, if well developed and furnished with the right means, could become the bedrock of a successful entrepreneurial career. Instagram allows them to showcase what they have to offer to the world on a generous stage. 

Business World

This helps the deserving candidates enhance their skills and enterprise, leading them to contribute something meaningful even to the business world. Some restless minds with praiseworthy determination also use this platform to promote and publicize their products globally. Instagram has given hope and has led to the success of many clothing lines, culinary prospects, and hotels. It redefines success in new terms of a socially interactive society.

Competitive Exams

In this direly competitive society, the youth is mostly busy preparing for various competitive examinations to make a successful career. We all know how monotonous books can become at one point in time where we cannot even bear to look at them. We all know how many hours and how much effort is required to be put in to crack a particular entrance or job examination. Is there a solution to this? Yes, there is. 

Have you heard your mother saying,” What will you learn with that mobile in your hand? How will you study if you keep on scrolling on that device? “ Well, on Instagram, there are pages certified to specific entrance examination courses like UPSC.affairs, CAT. Crack, etc., where you find different solved problems, general knowledge stuff, and much more related to that particular course. 

Current Affair Pages

There are also different pages on Current Affairs that are both academically required and simultaneously keeps us aware of the world around us, which is extremely necessary. That too all on a social media platform, which we all love so much. Not to forget that it is portable and can be browsed through when traveling or outdoors (where we cannot carry our heavy books). Doesn’t that make learning more interactive while solving our boredom crisis altogether?

Tightly Secure

Security is of utmost priority to us in this world where cyber crimes have made an enormous place and name for itself. Instagram is, in every way, more secure compared to other social media applications like Facebook. On Facebook, no matter what the privacy settings are, there are some of the other loopholes which let people invade your privacy via messaging or sending requests until and unless you block the individual out. Instagram gives us the ultimate choice.

We get to choose whose content we want to see. We can also choose to whom we want to show our posts, too. In the case of chats, we get to accept or decline message requests, which in turn decides whether we want to receive texts from the other end or not. Instagram also gives us business accounts that are more flexible for promotion and marketing. Hence the platform ensures absolute security. 

Well-knit Social Networking Environment

Now coming to social interaction, not each one of us is sociable. Many people feel socially awkward, have anxiety issues that are not in the constant practice of day to day interaction. People, as such, even have problems making friends, which leaves them alone, slowly paving the path to depression and ultimately deteriorating mental health. Instagram provides a compact well-knit social networking environment that is warm yet selective. Hence, people can freely choose to interact with the people they desire to have a conversation within a fully secure interface. Instagram ensures high security. 

Voice To Talent And Creativity

Instagram not only issues a business environment but also encourages young and inspired writers, artists, and dancers to give the world a taste of their talents. Instagram has given voice to talent and creativity, which is now being heard loud and clear all over the world. There are various pages on art, writings, and musical performances where our youth today portrays to the world, how artistic they can be.

Hashtags Trends

We have always known twitter to be a place where burning issues of the day are discussed, and people voice their opinions in public. Well, one would be happy to know that Instagram also is not unaware of that. It does contribute hashtags and trends and takes the world by a turn by letting people use the platform as a means to protest and promote petitions like the recent hashtag that trended on Instagram,”# BlackLivesMatter.” It, too, is a massive part of what we youth call “Social Media Influencing.” 


Instagram is an all-rounder interactive interface. From Entertainment to tutorials, from promotion to information, from chatting to posting, from going live to video calls, it is a complete one-in-all application. Since the gram generation is all about emojis, Instagram provides much more informative emojis than any other social media platform. Not only that, but it also has so many different features for posting a story as well. Despite so many intriguing features, it is tightly secure.

What more can one desire from a free application so easily accessible. Join Instagram to experience fun.

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