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Unlike a traditional school day where kids can leave the house and spend several hours away from parents after an argument or needing some space, homeschooling is just the opposite. It brings siblings, parents, and long-distance teachers together in the same space for several hours a day which can sometimes lead to frustration, depression, anger, and other feelings. As a parent, it is important to look at all the impacts homeschooling will have on your child based on their personality, age, circumstances, learning style, and relationship.

Homeschooling can be used by families with a variety of personalities and learning levels because it has the flexibility to be customized to the student. The best first grade home school curriculum can be researched online through the website to determine if it meets the academic needs and expectations of the family, but it is accompanied by a teacher’s manual for the parent to help them be successful in the role.  Parents know their children because they raise them, spend time with them each day and go through conflict with them, and homeschooling is one more event that encourages a different side of kids.

One of the most important things to remember as a new homeschooling parent is to be flexible and work with your student to find the right study habits and rhythm for them. This may be slower or faster than their siblings, and it may look completely different than what you are used to but if it allows them to be successful then encourage and support it. It can be challenging to home school several kids in different grades in a single home but the online program is there to help with resources and teachers so parents can find the best method for each student.

All kids go through stages, physically and emotionally, so while they may start out loving homeschooling for a variety of reasons, don’t be surprised if they go through a period of time where it isn’t their favorite thing. It may be school isn’t a priority, they want to be around their friends more, they are struggling with the changes in their body and emotions or it could be the relationship that needs some space. As a home school parent/teacher, you need to be able to wear both hats at the same time and know when to be a teacher holding them accountable for their work and when to be a parent that extends grace and understanding.

Learning first grade home school curriculum at home online does not mean that your child has to be anti-social to enjoy the work or that it encourages kids to be ‘loners’. The goal of this approach is to provide students with quality education without the distraction and peer pressure of other kids, the ability to work at their own pace, and involvement with top-level study material to prepare them for the future. Kids who are outgoing and need social connections can easily find this through home school groups, community clubs, and local activities for sports, art, music, and drama. Homeschooling allows parents to create a schedule that balances schoolwork and socialization outside of rigid time frames and encourages peer involvement and development.

If you start homeschooling from the beginning with the kindergarten or first grade home school curriculum online then kids are more likely to see this as the ‘norm’ compared to students who switch to this method in a later grade. However, parents should keep in mind that what works when the child is in elementary is not necessarily as successful when the child reaches middle and high school. Emotions and physical changes lead to differences in sleep patterns, attention to detail, and mood swings which affect study habits and desire to be involved with school. Elementary kids may do well with an earlier schedule while high-schoolers prefer to sleep a little later and work into the afternoon/early evening. These are the kinds of adjustments that help restore balance and calm in the process as well as the relationship because they align with the student as they mature. If kids need space then try having everyone work in different rooms in the house for certain subjects and then come back together for discussions, plan a ‘hooky’ day for everyone or just one child at a time so they can spend the day doing what they want or come up with a unique idea that works for your child.

Homeschooling is the one form of education that can be customized to work for any child which is one reason why it is growing in popularity with families all over the country. It builds self-confidence, self-discipline, time management and puts students in control of their education. This is an empowering feeling that has helped students of all ages mature, develop independence, and become successful adults because they were able to balance education and childhood development with the support and encouragement of their parents.

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