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Increase Brand Visibility with 5 Personalized Stickers for Business

5 Personalized Stickers for Business to Boost Visibility

Recently, personalized stickers for businesses can be seen as a versatile marketing tool when offering many applications and contributing to boosting brand visibility. They can be strategically designed to contain key brand elements, including logos, slogans, and brand colors. Using branded stickers as a promotional tool is one of the ways for businesses to reach their target audience and make a lasting impression.

In this article, we will list 5 types of personalized stickers for businesses to effectively increase your brand visibility. Let’s explore and find out which one is the best for your brand!

Die cut Vinyl Logo Stickers

Die cut vinyl logo stickers are adhesive pieces that are custom-shaped and precisely cut to resemble any logo. These stickers for business logos offer far greater flexibility in terms of shape, size, and form than the standard stickers.

Because of this customization feature, companies may design distinctive and appealing stickers that are a great reflection of their brand.

Why use die-cut logo stickers for business?

You should use logo die-cut stickers as a marketing tool for these reasons:

  • With their custom-shaped features, they can be applied on various surfaces.
  • They are customizable so that they reflect the style of a brand perfectly.


Die-cut logo stickers have the potential to become an essential part of your branding when you make good use of them on the:

  • Delivery packaging: Putting this type of sticker on delivery packaging will bring a sense of cohesiveness to your company’s design. This will be a small but special highlight, giving customers a deep impression.
  • Promotional materials: You can apply die-cut logo stickers on promotional materials like brochures and flyers, or even as event gifts. This is a great way for businesses to reach more people and make an impact on their brand.
  • Retail windows: Stick die-cut stickers at all the windows of your retail stores to make the most of your advertising budget. This allows everyone, whether inside or outside the store, to see and remember your company logo.
  • In addition to the suggestions above, die-cut stickers have many other great applications and you can be as creative as you like.

2. Personalized Stickers for Business – QR Code Stickers

QR code stickers are sticky stickers that include a Quick Response code. These personalized stickers for business are typically square. The QR code they contain may lead the audience to websites, product pages, special deals, etc.

Benefits of using QR code stickers

  • Companies may greatly benefit from using QR code stickers in their marketing, sales, and operational campaigns. These personalized stickers can:
  • Make it simple and quick for consumers to learn about your company, items, sales, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Because they can be customized with any design, they also get people to remember and recognize your brand.

What are QR code stickers used for?

You can use these QR code personalized stickers for business on:

  • Product containers: to lead buyers to purchase website or product pages
  • Cashier: For quick payment or ordering
  • Shop or showroom windows: Customers can get details like email, phone, and social media accounts or give reviews
  • Business cards: Your partners or customers can easily get you business information
  • Event materials: To direct attendees to online resources.

3. Branded UV DTF Transfer Stickers

Branded UV DTF transfer stickers which are the advanced type of transfer stickers. They have a 3-layer construction, including backing paper, vinyl decals, and transfer film or tape.

After being applied, they are a sort of sticky personalized stickers for businesses that do not have a background, which results in a seamless appearance. The raised surface of transfer stickers gives the illusion of depth and dimension, giving them a 3D impression.

Why do you should use branded UV DTF transfer labels?

  • Businesses should use UV DTF transfer stickers because:
  • When applied to a product or packaging, they create the feeling that the design is printed directly onto items.
  • 3D printed appearance makes a product seem more exclusive and high quality.
  • They are durable, sturdy, and excellent for showing off your brand’s logo, product name, and contact information.


Some sticker printing companies such as offer custom UV DTF transfer stickers. You can take advantage of these advanced stickers when using them on:

  • Product labels: When using transfer stickers on product labels, you emphasize the name of your brand on the products.
  • Product packaging: apply these stickers on the packaging of your products to give your items a consistent and professional appearance.
  • Gift sets: Use transfer stickers to make branded gifts that you give to your customers, employees, partners,… to advertise your brand.
  • Employee’s laptops and electronics: Encourage employees to stick transfer stickers on their laptops and electronics to get more people’s attention and make your brand stand out.

4. Thank you stickers – Effective Personalized Stickers for Business

Thank you stickers are a type of personalized stickers for businesses with a printed image or message expressing gratitude. They are a beautiful way to decorate products and express appreciation towards customers.

The two most common shapes of thank you stickers for business are round and square.

Why use thank you stickers?

  • Thank you stickers are an excellent tool that provides businesses with many benefits such as:
  • Expresses appreciation and creates deep connections.
  • Cost-effectively branded
  • Versatility in application


Businesses can use thank you stickers in several ways:

  • Product packaging: include on the product packaging to show appreciation for customers’ purchase and add a personal touch to the overall experience.
  • In-store displays: use on shelves or display areas to draw attention to specific promotions or discounts.
  • Shopping bags: attach them to shopping bags to say thank you to customers when they purchase your products.

5. Business Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are adhesive pieces of printed or graphic material that attach to a vehicle. It is intended to be attached to the back of a car or truck, often the bumper.

These personalized stickers for business are perfect for announcements, like a launch or offers and promotions.

Business bumper stickers’ benefits

When it comes to promotional items, bumper stickers are a wise choice of personalized stickers for business as they provide:

  • An affordable way to advertise
  • Showcase a range of information
  • A direct way to reach out to customers


Using bumper business stickers for cars is an easy and cheap way to advertise your business by displaying them on:

  • Company vehicles: Make a bigger version of the bumper stickers to adhesive them on your company cars or trucks to advertise on the go.
  • Employee cars: You may also maximize the exposure of your brand by encouraging employees to place them on the car’s windows and sides.
  • Giveaways at events: Use event gifts to reach more people and make an impact on your brand.

Last words

Personalized stickers for businesses offer a powerful and creative way to increase their brand visibility. The 5 types of personalized stickers discussed in this article provide businesses with a variety of options to align with their marketing strategies.

So, let’s start making use of personalized stickers for business and see how your brand visibility improves.