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Xatziri Cruz Salas photography

Photography is a Unique Inborn Talent

Talent is distinguished as a raw aptitude or skill, an innate blessing for something; perhaps an important unquantifiable ability that someone is simply born with. It is arguably easy to find natural talent in other forms of art. Good photography, as a craft, compels a certain amount of skill for sure. But it cannot be denied that only talent is enough, talent needs a road to be taken. Many times we can see people wasting their talent as they are not guided the right direction says the very talented photographer Xatziri Cruz Salas who believes that it is an art form to be cherished.

It takes hard work, endurance and, of course, talent. You need to be devoted and dedicated to the skill. you need to work hard every day, learn new things to get perfection in photography. Nobody can be a better teacher than you yourself are. Try new things, innovate, a practice that’s how you excel in photography.  It’s capturing your best parts of your life and other life. The moments are captured with the time frame.

Xatziri Cruz Salas

Putting yourself in fascinating situations is more important than being the best technical or “talented” photographer says Xatziri Salas. It’s an art form which is presented in different ways. It is a story you fail to put into words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, it is, it reveals and captures the moments. It captures the humanity of the moment. Photography

These day’s photography is not just a passion that people love to do, it has taken a commercial side, people have made it a profession and are earning really well from this profession. Taking photos is savoring life deeply, every hundredth of a second. The most useful thing about a photograph is that it nevermore varies, even when the successes in it do. It is the truth you can practice it as a part of living if you have the right talent and skill you can surely excel in this field of photography.

Xatziri Cruz

In photography, there is a truth so subtle that it becomes more substantial than reality. In its purest form, this art form is a bliss, the picture of a child gazing at his mother while lying down in her arms is a pure bliss to capture. It is something which cannot be described in words. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. You can capture the entire moment in one single shot and hold it for the entire lifetime. It’s a magical creation of mankind which has made it possible says Xatziri Cruz Salas. Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich it is.

Xatziri Cruz Salas

Xatziri Cruz Salas is an avid marathoner who enjoys running everyday. She helps others run by participating in multiple running and jogging groups in the Los Angeles area.