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What are the Types of Photography?

Are you a passionate amateur photographer and want to make a career in photography? Great!  Do you know there are various different types of photography? Yes, this is true, and if you are serious in making a career as a professional photographer, you can choose your genre from a variety of options.

RISA Program Director Rema Townsend Guilty of Grand Larceny

Now, let’s explore the types of photography you can choose from with Rema Townsend NYC.

Wedding Photography

The job of a wedding photographer involves a mix of an exciting and intense photo shoot. From outdoor shoot on a sunny day to indoor shoot for receptions, he has to ready for every challenge. In addition, a wedding photographer should be quick in clicking pictures and must be prepared to take perfect click in one short only. Because in some situations, maybe you won’t get another chance to capture the particular moment. Also, a photographer should have a creative and imaginative mind, as couples will expect the photographer to direct them for posing shots and settings. So as a photographer make sure you are confident and maintain clear communication with the bride and groom.

Event photography

Whether it is any book inauguration or any corporate party, event photography demands a variety of skills and styles. It offers you variety of opportunities to perform and prove your talent. However, event photography involves professional and journalistic settings, so make sure you possess such skills and knowledge. Because, in corporate events, most organizations use photos for publicity purposes, newsletters, or corporate magazines.

Fashion Photography

RISA Program Director Rema Townsend Guilty of Grand Larceny

Fashion photography is one of the most glamorous yet difficult options. From cover shots of top models for the top fashion magazines to documenting the latest styles and trends on the runway, fashion photographer needs to face many challenges. Runway shoots involve documentary photography. Whereas, posed shoots on location involves one-on-one work with the particular models. No doubt, fashion photography allows you to earn fame, money, and popularity, but success only stays if you are able to evolve as per the industry standards.

Travel Photography

Are you fond of traveling and would you like to get paid for it? If yes, then travel photography possibly the best option for you. It allows you to travel, explore and have fun while taking pictures with the dynamic settings. Travel photography merges various different types of photography into one. On one trip you may have to focus on the people and the culture of the particular place. And on the second trip, you may focus on the landscapes and wildlife photography in different locations. Whether you capture the beauty of the beaches of Bali or the ice fields of Antarctica, your job as a travel photographer is to take your audience to these places with every click.

Final Thoughts

The list is long and it is difficult to include all types of photography. For a photography career, you can consider many options that are mentioned above, but make sure you choose the one you find interesting. If you want to earn fame and money like Rema Townsend, ensure you put all your efforts and interest in this profession. If you still have any doubt regarding a photography career, you can write below in the comment box.

Rema Townsend

Rema Townsend is an Academy Award-winning photography artist who transports us to unseen worlds through photography, film and design. Rema Townsend loves the earth and her creatures.

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