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XL Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy Evaluation

Why Physical Therapy Evaluation is Important

As we grow old, the majority of us experience chronic disease such as heart disease, obesity, neurological disorders, etc. Most people consider it as a part of a normal aging process, but actually, it is not. According to the experts of XL physical therapy, the normal aging process should help you to maintain your original flexibility and independence throughout your life.  And this is where physical therapy evaluation plays a role.

What is Physical Therapy Evaluation?

An annual PT evaluation, allow you to establish an individualized training program to address any physical impairment early in the process (including decreasing balance, accelerated loss of muscle or bone mass). Taking a proactive stance to address noted physical impairments is a basic advance in safeguarding a healthy aging process while keeping flexibility and autonomy which is crucial to age well.

PT Evaluation has 2 components:

  • Patient history (which includes symptom examination and review of systems)
  • Tests and measures (including an initial screening of the neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, musculoskeletal, and integumentary systems) Physical therapists get the patient history and execute tests and measures with the motive to make the diagnosis and decide the necessities of the patient. The physical therapist has the obligation to determine whether there is adequate data to illuminate decision making regarding:
  • Whether the patient would benefit from physical therapy
  • Choice of interventions
  • Preparation of the plan of care
  • Execution and evolution of interventions

Why Physical Therapy Evaluation is Important?

As mentioned above, a PT evaluation allows you to identify different areas of concern. Many of the most widely recognized illnesses or impairments begin to a certain degree of minor irritations.  However, when left untreated, they can form into weakening and groundbreaking impairments.

For instance, a case of knee torment left untreated can advance and gradually limit your capacity.  This can, in the end, lead to extreme muscle shortcoming, continuous chronic pain, and the loss of your capacity to perform even the most fundamental tasks (for example, standing up from a seat or can and strolling freely).

Now imagine if your knee torment was proactively managed. During your PT evaluation, you work with your Physiotherapist to build up an individualized exercise and extending remedy. Upon execution, your knee pain resolves! Now you have a preventive training program to reduce your risk of creating knee pain again.  Moreover, you’re set up for accomplishment in proceeding with your sound and dynamic way of life as a major aspect of aging well.

What to Expect From Physical Therapy?

Reduce or eliminate pain

Healing exercises and manual therapy techniques, for example, joint and soft tissue mobilization or therapy, such as ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation can help diminish pain and repair muscle and joint function to decrease pain. Such treatments can likewise keep the pain away from returning.

Avoid surgery

If physical therapy helps you reduce pain or recover from an injury, surgery may not require. And in case if surgery is needed, you can consider from Pre-surgery physical therapy. Anyone who is going into a surgery tougher and in healthier shape, chances of recovery are faster after taking physical therapy in many cases.

Improve mobility

If you’re having trouble standing, walking or moving—no matter your age—physical therapy is the solution. Strengthening and stretching exercises helpful in recovering the ability to move. Physical therapists can correctly fit individuals with a walking stick, crutches or any other assistive prop, or measure for an orthotic prescription. By tailoring the care plan of a patient, whatever activity that is necessary for an individual’s well being can be practiced and adapted to achieve best performance and safety.

Final Words

So, if you have any query regarding your pain, injury, or any chronic disease, don’t think much and get a free evaluation and second opinion at XL physical therapy from the experts and get the right treatment at the right time.

XL Physical Therapy

XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is a premier Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, owned by licensed physical therapist Jack Zatorski, MPT, CSCS, PES, USA Weightlifting Club Coach.

  1. It’s good to know that mobile physical therapy can help a person avoid surgery. My brother recently badly hurt his knee and he has been having trouble walking. Perhaps it would be beneficial to look for physical therapy options first.

  2. You made a good point that a plan of care should be prepared properly when it comes to physical therapy. After spraining my leg a few weeks ago, walking still doesn’t feel right to me. Perhaps I should consult a professional in order to know more about how I can recover more properly.

  3. I never knew that physical therapists are experts that could determine why you’re experiencing joint pain. My uncle mentioned that he’s having difficulty working on farm duties recently because of back pain. Maybe we should consult one of these experts online so that he can get his productivity back!