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By JOE MAILLET 623 views

Why is Pickleball the Fastest Growing Sports in the USA?

A fast-growing sports in the USA and it requires pickleball sets and a court. I know already many of you are thinking about table tennis and basketball. But no, it’s not either of them; instead, it’s the Pickleball growing leaps and bounds with every passing day.

And rumors are that Pickleball is undoubtedly the fastest growing sport in the USA. And our investigation found the truth behind it.

So, today we are going to reveal why Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA?

History of Pickleball

USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), in its 2018 report, reported an enormous 650% increase in the popularity of pickleball sports. But why the game is spreading so much among people? Before we look for the answer to this question, it is essential to know the intriguing history of pickleball sports.
Pickleball originally started in North America in 1965. Barney McCallum, Joel Pritchard, and Bill Bell are the three persons to get the credit for inventing the sports in a short ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. They accounted that they created the game to entertain their bored sons during the trips.

Interestingly, the name pickleball also seems to be an illusion. One account claim that the name was given after the dog of Pritchard. Others claim that Joan (wife of Pritchard) first called the game Pickleball, and hence, it got the name.

Reasons Behind: Why Is Pickleball the Fastest Growing Sports in the USA

But whatever may be the cause, from the first few years of struggle, the game has been seeing a worldwide surge of popularity across continents. But why is it so popular?
Let’s check the facts.

Easy playing

The gameplay is super-easy and doesn’t require much effort. You can easily turn a regular table tennis court into a pickleball playing arena. But, the best part is that it doesn’t need the whole court. Usually, the pickleball court is much smaller in size in comparison with the table tennis court.

So, it gave the game a real boost. People initially started to play the game in the regular courts and fall in love with it.

A game for seniors and youngsters alike

Popular sports like table tennis, basketball, or soccer need a lot of stamina and vigorous fitness. So, these games are most popular among youngsters with a high-frequency level of fitness. On the contrary, Pickleball requires less fitness and agility.

So, even older citizens can take part in the game. Consequently, the game is equally popular among youngsters that resulted mostly in the booming popularity of the game.

A fantastic alternative for exercise

If you are an exercise freak and loves to attend some quick exercise session, Pickleball is undoubtedly going to blow your mind away. And this quickness of the game has helped it going burst among fitness lovers as a quick and fun exercise.

Josh Jenkins, a professional pickleball player, commented that the game is a unique way to have some fast and fruitful exercise. So, there’s no surprise as to why it is growing so fast in popularity.

Social part

Most players found the game extremely social and full of fun. As in most occasions, Pickleball is played with double, and the single match is less popular, it involves several demographics. So, people play the game in the park or in recreational places as a part of getting introduced to others.
This power of social interaction of the game is undoubtedly taking it into places, resulting in the ultimate popularity.

Fun part

Almost all the players interviewed by NBC Sports in a TV show commented that Pickleball brings extreme fun in their boring life. Since the game can be played from 15 minutes to any suitable length, players find the game thrilling.

Hence, school and college-going students, as well as older people love to play the game for some fun.

Final words

In a little over 50 years of journey, Pickleball has seen an outrageous love across the USA and Canada. No other sports event has seen such intense fame within such a short time.

With little gears and less-expensive settings, Pickleball is also an affordable game. So it is no surprise that the game is enjoying worldwide popularity. What about giving the game a try?

Joe Maillet

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