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Do You Know How to Color? Pixel Art Review
By APS ADMIN 2,752 views

Do You Know How to Color? Pixel Art Review

Coloring is more entertaining with the pixel art coloring app. Apart from the relaxation that comes with the game, it further provides you with a beautiful and colorful pictures gallery that you love. That way, you will always have a variety of unique images that many admire.

Pixel art color by number is pretty simple. With your two fingers, enlarge your image until you see cells with numbers. Select your preferred colors from the palette and color cells with the same numbers. Make sure you color pixel by pixel.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to color by number, coloring tools to use in the pixel art game, and the unique features of a pixel art game. 

How to Color by Number in the Pixel Art Game

  • Download your pixel art coloring app. You can visit the Google play store to download your favorite pixel game. Once you have downloaded the game, you can play it offline anytime you want and anywhere.
  • Open the app and select your preferred artwork or create your pixel art. The game offers you over10000 free artwork for your selection. You are free to pick the most suitable for you. On the other hand, you can create your pixel art by capturing an image using the pixel art camera or selecting from the ones already in your gallery.
  • Use your two fingers to zoom the image on your screen until you see cells with numbers. The digits that will appear on your screen are many and mixed up. You only need to color specific matching numbers.
  • Select colors from the palette and paint cells that have the same numbers. When coloring, make sure that you go pixel by pixel to achieve maximum results. Go step by step and color all the cells with the matching numbers.
  • The end product will be lovely pictures that suit every taste and mood. That way, you will have a colorful pictures gallery that excites you. You can also share for many to see.

Coloring Tools Available in the Pixel Art Game

  • Color palette. It refers to the variety of colors that the pixel art game displays on the smartphone screen for selection. Gamers choose from the palette the colors they want to use when painting by number. The color choices depend on the picture they want to bring out and the artwork.
  • Artwork. An artwork refers to an image, object, sculpture, or photograph you choose to color or paint during the game. Pixel art color by number game offers players over 10,000 both 2D and 3D free artworks. The coloring games also allow gamers to create their artwork for free. Some artwork includes sweets, flowers, unicorns, and color by mandalas, among others. Therefore, you can never lack free fresh artwork.
  • Magic wand. A magic wand is a tool that helps gamers color faster. With just one tap, you can paint multiple pixels that are close. However, it only colors those cells that are of the same number.
  • Color splash. A color splash also boosts your coloring speed. Through it, you can color multiple nearby cells of any digit.
  • Pixel art camera. You can use the pixel art camera to capture images and selfies of your choice and convert them to pixel art. Another option is you take the photos you already have on your device and pixelate them through color by number.

Distinguishing Features of a Pixel Art Game

  • The game has an intuitive design that is easy to color
  • With the pixel art camera, you can take pictures and convert them to pixel art through color by number
  • The game has over 10000 free artworks for you to pick the most appropriate. They include flowers, unicorns, sweets, and color by mandalas.
  • You receive daily new picture updates into your gallery. That way, you always have a unique and colorful picture gallery to share with friends and the world.
  • There are coloring tools that can boost your painting speed. They include the magic wand that colors pixels of the same number and the color splash for painting areas.
  • Pixel art allows quick sharing of time-lapse video on social media platforms for friends and the universe to see. Also, you can send the videos through email to those people you want them to view.
  • The game also allows you to paint by number through 3D objects.

Key Takeaway

Color by number through the pixel art app is fun and more entertaining. Besides, the game is pretty easy to play. All you need to do is to open your pixel art app and choose your preferred artwork. Then zoom the image using your two fingers until you see cells with digits. Select the colors available in the palette and paint the cells with the same numbers.

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