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plan a good trip
By HENRY TESFAYE 3,892 views

How to Plan a Good Trip With Your University Friends?

Students these days are very busy with their life. The majority of them pursue something other than their regular studies or education. And they have to take out time for both their passion and education. It can thus be said that the majority of the students lead a very stressful life. A trip can be useful to ease the stress.

And that is the reason whenever they see that they have got a few days off or their syllabus is almost complete; they try to plan a good trip with their university friends. But planning a trip is not as easy as asking for assistance from a university assignment help online services.

University students rely on their pockets and the money they get from their part-time jobs. So, budget is the most critical issue whenever they sit to plan a good trip.

Their main objective is to prepare the best trip possible at the best price. Then they have to select the destination based on the season and their preferences. They easily could have reached out to travel agencies and asked them to plan a good trip. But, in that way, they will have to pay more, which is why they always try to plan their journey on their own. Let’s discuss several methods and steps university students need to follow while planning a trip.


First, discuss the amount you can afford and plan a good trip. College students generally face issues with money because they do not have any stable source of income. Based on the budget, students will have to plan a trip.

After the budget is set, you can select the place and which season you want to travel accordingly. In the peak season, such as in winter, the price of the hotels and ticket fares are also high. If the student can afford it, then it is okay. If they are not, they can travel in either summer or autumn.

Choose the places

After the budget is set for the trip, the next step is to choose the location you would like to go to. Check the best season to visit because you will be able to see all the spots.

In hilly regions, what happens is that most of the roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall, and for that, tourists have to face a lot of issues. Summer can be best if they want to visit the beach. Choose the places according to your preferences, what suits your budget, and the best season to visit that particular place.

Fix the dates

Fixing the dates is another crucial point when university students plan to go out. They have managed their classes and sometimes may also have to take leave from their work for a few days.

They need to fix the dates based on the schedule of all the people who are going to the best. Always try to start your trip on the weekend. In that way, you will not miss many classes. Always try to gather at one place and then fix the dates. Due to miscommunication, problems may happen.

Ask each and everyone whether they are sure about the availability of the dates.

Research for flights/trains according to dates

After the date and budget are fixed, it is time to book the tickets. They first need to select their mode of transport based on their budget. If any of them have a car, they can travel with that. Students need to research minutely.

They need to find the best price according to their mode of transport. Several offers are there, which vary from season to season. Students need to avail that offer. In that way, they will be able to have a better travel experience at the best price.

Look for the best deals

Before you book the tickets, always search for the best deals on the internet. Several websites like Tripadvisor, Expedia, Groupon Getaways, and many more are there from which you can compare and contrast several deals.

Research on your own and tell your other friends to keep checking for the websites. You can check the websites from both your computer and from mobile apps. Download the apps to check the deals on the go too. Booking tickets on these websites is as easy as asking for assistance from a University Assignment Help Online company.

Start saving up

Start walking instead of taking the bus or stop going to your favorite pub on the weekends. Save up in your ways. You may have to ask for money from your parents.

But still, always try to save and keep money from your end. You may need this money for emergency purposes or spend it by shopping. But always keep a few bucks to yourself.

Planning the tour

You need to sit together and plan where you will stay and how many days. Always try to visit most of the places in fewer days. Yes, it may be a bit hectic, but in this way, you will be able to visit many places and enjoy your vacation in the right way.

Try to get help from someone who already has visited the place. Always try to get help from the internet while planning the tour.

Book the hotels

After booking the tickets and planning the tour, the students will have to book the hotels. They need to book the hotels based on the date and the spots they will stay. At the same time, booking the hotel, they always need to keep a few things in mind.

The hotel needs to be near the market or town because, in that way, they will be able to save the transportation costs. The hotel needs to be hygienic, and the hotel’s room service has to be up to the mark. You need to check the reviews of the hotel before you book it. While booking the rooms, always try to adjust if you have a very tight budget.


Do not procrastinate packing. Always start packing early. Take clothes according to the weather and to your travel destination. Always pack medicines and take a first aid kit with yourself. In a safe place, always keep cash for emergency purposes.


Preparing and planning a good trip is not at easy as it seems. Students will at least have to start planning for it 4-5 months before. Always try to carry cash, even in small amounts, because you may not get internet for doing cashless payments. Several places are out there where people do not use cards, so you may face several issues. If you are running out of cash, always try to make some money from the ATM.

Just the way you place an order with University Writing Services Online, in that same way you need to book the tickets. Before that, you need to fix the dates and keep looking for the best offers.

Always try saving up in your way and keep the money to yourself. If you take daily medicines, then take them because you may not find the same medicine in a different state or county.

Henry Tesfaye