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Use Instagram to plan wedding
By LARREN SMITH 708 views

Trollishly: 5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Plan A Wedding Using Instagram

In today’s modern era, leveraging social media platforms is one of the hassle-free ways to plan a wedding efficiently. Yes! From small vendors to top-notch wedding planners have a presence on social media to reach customers online.

Literally, wedding planning is a hectic process as it requires loads of resources and lots of time & budget. But now, millennials turn to Instagram for planning their wedding with much ease. 

Instagram is one of the trending social networking sites where many wedding service providers promote their businesses. According to social media research, it is found that they make use of ‘Reels’ to create brand awareness through valuable content within a few seconds. Also, wedding services buy reels likes to increase engagement rate and strengthen their online presence. It’s interesting, isn’t it? 

Are you thrilled to turn your dream wedding plan into reality? That’s great! Continue reading this article to fulfill your need via Instagram. 

How Can Instagram Be Used For Wedding Planning?

Conventional wedding planning is daunting! The couples and their family need to wander here and there to purchase products and book services for marriage. Now it’s made more accessible with Instagram. Look below to know how.

#1 Discover Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a big day that is to be cherished forever! So, every couple would like to make it very special and gather memories with their loved ones. From the wedding dress to the venue decoration, you need different ideas. 

Whether you are a bride or groom, get inspiration for your wedding from millions of ideas found on Instagram. Simply open Instagram, move to the search bar, and enter the hashtag related to your need. 

For instance, if you want design ideas, type #WeddingVenue #VenueIdeas. In this way, you can retrieve photos or videos posted by users all over the world. So, you don’t want to depend on or seek the support of anyone to make plans. 

#2 Find Top-Notch Services

You are supposed to hire the best service providers to carry out various wedding tasks. Finding a business is easy to do on Instagram. If you know a famous brand that delivers the service you need, you can contact them directly. 

Otherwise, take a list of service providers from Google and search for them on Instagram. For example: #WeddingPlannerUSA #BestCookInLondon #MakeUpArtist #DecorationService #WeddingCakes. 

The reputed business related to the service you seek ought to post content and maintain a good profile. In addition, they take advantage of Trollishly to increase visibility and reach more customers instantly. So, you can compare the quality, cost, portfolio, and testimonials with others to make a better purchase decision for sure. 

#3 Follow Wedding Influencers

Find out the top-rated influencers who post content related to wedding planning on Instagram. Either you can get ideas or avail contact information of the service provider from their profile. This also helps you to stay away from fake accounts and hire trusted brands or services. 

On the flip side, look for your favorite celebrities and visit their profile to know how they have planned their wedding. And then, similarly, curate your wedding plan to impress your guests. 

#4 Create Collections

‘Save Post’ is one of the best features of Instagram that lets users bookmark their favorite posts. With this option, create a collection to store posts distinctly and organize them to see later. You can able to have separate groups such as Hairstyles, Dress Ideas, Food Recipes, Invitation Designs, etc. So you will not miss anything while scrolling through Instagram. 

#5 Reach Out To Vendors 

Since Instagram possesses incredible features to connect and communicate with one another, you can get in touch with the vendors at your convenience. Consider if you are hiring a makeup artist, and explain your expectations via video call. Ask the decoration shop to send sample photos. Search for clothing designs on Instagram and send them to customize yours. 

With the assistance of skilled marketers, vendors post Reels videos to draw viewers’ attention. Also, they avail the support of Trollishly to show off the brand value and build credibility. So, navigate to the ‘Reels’ section and watch how-to tutorial ideas for styling yourself or know the on-trending designs.  

An interesting fact about Instagram is that its algorithm understands your search criteria and starts showing the advertisements made by related brands to you. So whenever you watch Instagram Stories or Reels, you can see wedding services ads. You can reach out to them and do the other process if their service suits your need and interests you.

The Final Touch 

Hope now you are clear about planning your wedding in a different way by leveraging the Instagram application. Spend time understanding the Instagram platform and implementing various ideas to get wedding inspiration from multiple resources.

Cheers to planning a fabulous wedding with Instagram! 

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