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Plant-Based Beverages Market
By MARK TWAIN 740 views

The Growing Popularity of Plant-Based Beverages Market

Many people gradually consume foods and beverages from plants. There are numerous reasons. Some people are trying to shift towards veganism or are conscious of the benefits of drinks from plants.

There is a substantial growth in the plant-based beverages market. A research firm, GMI Research, noted that the plant-based beverages market size reached USD 24.1 billion in 2022. The firm also projected the market to reach USD 61.4 billion in 2030.

By type, the soy beverage will hold the largest market share. It is due to its developed taste and popularity. Meanwhile, based on product, plain beverages will dominate the largest revenue. It is owing to the plain taste that can substitute dairy milk to make smoothies or coffee. By region, North America will lead the market due to the significant increase in vegan food popularity.

Some leading players in the market include Danone, Noumi, Koia, and The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., among other top players.

What are the Types?

There are various types of plant-based beverages.

Oat drinks

Oat drinks offer various benefits for health. The drink contains fiber and vitamins that can regulate the blood sugar level and also strengthen the bone.

Pea beverages

As a newcomer, pea beverages also provide numerous positive impacts on health. Usually, this beverage is extracted from yellow peas. It has a light and creamy texture and can be used whether by drinking it directly, to make coffee, to cook, to bake, or to make smoothies.

Almond drinks

The combination of almonds and water can offer heavenly goodness. Some brands even claim that their almond milk has flavor in imitation of cow’s milk.

Soy drinks

These drinks are obtained by boiling soybeans. To make this beverage, the ingredients include soybeans, water, and emulsifiers, among others.

Quinoa beverages

These beverages include quinoa and rice in the making. When you drink it, you can taste a mild nutty flavor. However, this drink does not contain sweeteners or lactose, making it a perfect choice for you who choose a healthy diet.

Tips on Choosing Plant-Based Milk

When you are going to buy vegan milk from the stores, there are several things you should pay attention to. First, make sure to check the ingredients. The purest plant milk will only have two ingredients. Make sure that there is no oil, emulsifiers, or gums. You can also choose a drink with zero added sugar.

What are The Major Drivers?

Several variables can drive the development of this market.

The rising income

The increasing income among consumers can encourage them to buy drinks from plants, which usually are more expensive compared to traditional drinks. The more they earn, the more they can afford to buy these foods thus will drive the growth of this market.

The growing concerns about animal cruelty

There is also a rising concern regarding animal cruelty. This factor can change the consumers’ preferences towards vegan diets. Veganism tries to avoid any form of exploitation and cruelty to other animals. Whether it is for food or fashion, they try to seek animal-free substitutes. This is in line with the Plant-Based Beverages Market which uses plants for its products without any animal involvement.

Increasing demand for plant-based snacks and beverages

As many people recognize its health benefits and nutrients, many people prefer to consume snacks and beverages that come from plants. In addition, these beverages also produce minimum carbon footprints. Also, it is safe to be consumed by people who cannot consume lactose.

Drinks Recipes

Not only by buying them, but you can also make your plant-based drinks. These are some recipes that can inspire and help you.

Chai latte

To make this drink, you just have to infuse black tea and almond milk. Put some fragrant spices, and you can enjoy a glass of drink with a hint of Indian taste.

Peanut milk

Combine peanuts, water, and sweeteners, and let them soak. The next morning, blend them all until they become smooth. Pour the milk through a nut milk bag and squeeze it. This process is to remove the pulp. And you can enjoy the homemade peanut milk.

Banana coffee oatmeal smoothie

First, blend oatmeal, frozen banana, ice, and coffee, until you get a smoothie texture. Then add ice, blend it, and you can enjoy the drink.

Hot quinoa

Want to drink a hot quinoa in the morning? You can try this recipe. First, place quinoa and water in a pan and boil them in a low heat. Wait until the quinoa is tender. Drain quinoa and put it back into the pan. Add soymilk, apples, sugar, and cinnamon, then blend them together in a blender. Add vanilla and serve while it is hot.

Despite its rapid growth, there are some challenges that this market needs to address. The high cost of purchasing plant-based products and limited availability in several areas may further hinder the growth of this market.

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