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The Use of Plasterboard in Building Construction
By EADA HUDES 587 views

The Use of Plasterboard in Building Construction

In this ongoing day and age, when it comes to choosing the ideal wall panels, there are true quite a lot of options out there. From hardboard to plywood, from fiberwood to plasterboard – the list is truly endless. While having more options is always a good thing, it can definitely confuse and prevent you from making the correct decision.

Such is the reason why we always suggest performing your own due research before selecting the ideal wall panel for your home. And since plasterboard is the most popular wall panel out there, we are going to take a glance at some of its major uses in building construction

List Of Uses For Plasterboard In Building Construction

  • For Providing Flexibility During Installation

When you compare plasterboard to other types of wall panels, then you’ll come to know that plasterboard can be installed inside your home interiors within much lesser time than other types of wall panels. Professional interior plastering in Auckland services states that a traditional plaster application will usually take a week or so to get settled. But, when you use plasterboard, the same job will be completed within 24 to 48 hours. It’s that fast & simple. 

Moreover, you should know that plasterboard can be used in multiple environments, making it highly versatile and easy to use. It’s because of its simplicity, plasterboard has become so much popular and useful among construction builders. 

  • For Offering Fire Resistance

Having a fire-resistant home interior is a must in this day & age, especially when consumers are using so many electrical appliances. You’ll never know when a tiny bit of spark can lead to a massive outbreak of fire inside your home. As per reports, most house fires are created due to short-circuit of electricity supply channels.

However, you can steer clear of all of these issues when using plasterboard for your interior plastering needs. This is because plasterboard has a non-combustible core which will reduce the spread of fire & heat. It will behave as an insulating barrier between your interior rooms, thereby preventing the spread of fire (in case a fire breaks out at your home). 

  • For Sound Dampening Measures

If you want to restrain the transfer of sound from your home interiors to the neighboring areas in your locality, then using plasterboard can make sense (especially a commercial one). For instance, if you’re building a sound recording studio, you’d want the room to be treated acoustically so that the room doesn’t leak the sound or music that you’re producing or leak any outside noise. 

Times like these are when you need to opt for plasterboard installation because it can help you minimize the transfer of sound and can help you do your job perfectly without much disturbance. 

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