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By ZACK 786 views

Is it Safe to Get Plastic Surgery Abroad?

Regardless of whether you have cosmetic surgery abroad or your home country, there will always be risk involved with the procedure you undertake. However, it’s strongly argued that having surgery performed overseas in countries that are considered ‘cheaper’ can be more risky to your health. 

The cost of the procedure tends to be the reason that patients prefer to travel to another country, and if it is something that you’re considering there should be some important aspects of this that you should make yourself aware of. This will ensure your safety and prevent an expensive outlay in the future.

Steer away from plastic surgery tourism advertisements

A common tactic that hospitals tend to use to attract patients to their practice is advertising cosmetic surgery procedures as a holiday package. They take advantage of the destination that you’d need to travel to and create the picture that it will be a glamorous 2-in-1 experience. A cosmetic procedure is a serious matter, so avoid agreeing to something like this. Instead, be sure to meet with the surgery and the surgeon so you’re aware of where it will take place.

Ensure you can communicate well with the surgeon

If there’s a language barrier between yourself and your surgeon, this can easily leave space for confusion and mistakes. An important aspect of cosmetic surgery is going through consultation to gain a better understanding of the procedure and for you to express your concerns if you have any. If either you or surgeon is finding it difficult to communicate, it makes the consultation irrelevant and puts you at higher risk that something could go wrong, which can be a costly mistake, to say the least.

Is travelling to another country worth the cost? 

Cosmetic surgery procedures can be expensive, which makes it understandable as to why patients may prefer to cut the price and get a cheaper deal elsewhere. However, sometimes when you add up all the costs together, you can find that it may actually cost you less to have the procedure performed in your home country. You’d have to consider the costs of travelling to the actual country, accommodation outlay as well as the procedure itself. It’s also worth checking that there are no underlying costs that may be included in the future. 

If something goes wrong, you’d have to spend further money just to travel back. Would you be willing to take that risk? With this in mind, you may feel having cosmetic surgery Manchester-based compared to going to another country.

Get clued up on how the procedure is traditionally performed

It’s always worth researching the procedure you’re looking to have and how it’s performed. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and what will be involved. You need to make sure that you’re comfortable with how the procedure is performed as some countries may have it performed differently to what is a familiar practice. You’ll also have a better idea of what aftercare and risks are involved so you can make a better, informed decision about whether you wish to go through with it.

Research the surgeon that you choose

When choosing your surgeon, try to choose one that has similar qualifications to what you’d expect at home. This can provide you the reassurance that they’re well equipped to perform the procedure at a high standard. You also have the right to enquire about the surgeon’s insurance so that they’ll be liable for anything that can go wrong. This makes any legal matters easier to handle with regards to compensation and having any matters resolved.

There can be many reasons why patients choose to go through surgery. Whether it’s to improve self-esteem or simply amend something they’re not happy with. Whilst it’s an option for you, there can be risks which can be harmful to you in the future, particularly if it’s done in a location that is unfamiliar to you. Be sure to do your research around the country you visit and the hospital you’re having the surgery so that you can go into the surgery knowing that you can get the results you want, safely.


Zack Halliwell is a dedicated freelance marketer, working primarily in the property sector for cosmetic surgery Manchester. When not working he can be found on a brisk mountain walk with his dog, Batman.