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In the last decade, the importance of sending children to a preschool has gained momentum, thanks to various studies in neuroscience. It has been discovered that a child lays the foundation for lifelong learning in the first few years of life. In fact, early childhood is a period of exponential growth in terms of brain development. Given these studies, it is not unusual that the focus has shifted on providing quality experiences that support the huge potential for growth and foundation building. Playschools are considered now to be more important than ever and that has led to an increased interest in obtaining preschool franchise in Bangalore and other metropolitans in India.

As an investor interested in opening a playschool, there are a couple of options to explore. One is to find the best playschools, pay up the play school franchise cost and begin with the operations. The other way is to set up a play school from scratch.

Steps Required When Setting Up a Playschool from Zero

It is not entirely uncommon for investors to want to build a brand new brand of preschool instead of opting for a preschool franchise in Bangalore or a similar developed/developing city. The following are some of the most important steps that need to be taken to do so.

Step #1: Scout Location

Location is of the utmost importance when it comes to any investment in infrastructure building. There has to be minimal competition, a justifiable demand, and a lack in the supply of playschool services to ensure a low-risk investment into a playschool. Another point to keep in mind is how well connected the area is to residential properties with the target demography. Yet another thing to keep in mind is the safety of the property. For example, a playschool for kids cannot be too close to a water body or the main road with heavy traffic.

Step #2: Acquire Property

Once the location is fixed, the next step is to find a property suitable for a playschool. Some of the most important pointers to meet the required criteria include boundary walls, safe stairways, open space for outdoor activities, well ventilated and well-lit rooms, and safe and easily accessible toilets.

Step #3: Set Up Infrastructure and Design

Acquiring a property suitable for children is not enough if you want to build a high standard preschool. Sandboxes, outdoor gaming equipment, classroom décor, teaching-learning material, etc. are some of the other things that play a crucial role in making or breaking a playschool.

Step #4: Get Legal Paper Work Sorted

The preschool has to be legally registered and taken through multiple quality checks before operations can be legally commenced.

Step #5: Employ Teachers, Facilitators and Helping Staff

One of the most crucial steps to building your own playschool is to find trained teachers and facilitators who know how early childhood education works. Helping staff at preschools also cannot be done away with as the children that young require responsive care.

Step #6: Advertise and Market

After the set-up is done begins another crucial step to make the investment reap returns- marketing and advertisement. This step can be begun between step 4 and step 5 as well as it takes time to make a name as a newbie. This step is also the primary reason why most investors opt to pay a play school franchise cost instead of building their own playschool from scratch.

If the objective is to provide quality early childhood education as well as make easy returns on investment, it is recommended that you opt for a franchise from a renowned and standard preschool rather than building a new brand.

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