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On-demand Plumbing Service App
By MARKLUBER 1,083 views

What are Beneficiaries Through An On-Demand Plumbing Service App?

Technologies have shown tremendous growth in recent years. Almost all the small-scale industries and large-scale industries are depending on digital platforms to enhance their business. There are many on-demand Plumbing service Apps available at ease for the consumers to receive their products instantly. This made way for an efficient and sophisticated life for the people. Many entrepreneurs are developing an Uber-like app for plumbers to provide instant solutions to users. 

Firstly, Uber for a plumber is an on-demand service app that is proliferating in the online marketplace. There are plenty of on-demand services apps ranging from an electrician to a home spa. The annual growth rate has increased by 18.5% in the on-demand labor market. The Uber for plumber solves instant plumbing problems anywhere at any time.  

Definition Of Uber For Plumber: 

However, as a cause of the rise of many on-demand apps, even home services are also in great demand on digital platforms. The on-demand home services have created an impact on the day-to-day lives of the people. Through this Uber-like plumber app, you can provide your users instant professional plumbing services for the users. No more worries of water leakages or clogging for the people as the Uber plumber gives instant services for the customers. 

In addition to it during this pandemic, people were not able to reach out for any services or purchase things. In the Uber for plumber app, the user can book a service they require and schedule a time. With the on-demand plumbing services, the users can search for nearby plumbing services. In addition to that, a user can check out their availability and price rates. The professionals reach the customer’s house to provide the finest services.  

How Does An Uber-like App For Plumber Work? 

Digital platforms are flourishing with on-demand apps. Entrepreneurs are developing an app that would beneficially provide the users. You do not have to be a tech-savvy person to create or monitor an app. Some of the app developers offer ready-made solutions for you, and some may not. The Uber-like app for plumbers is a leading platform for individual service providers and large service providers. 

  • Third-Party Aggregator: Entrepreneurs like you can pave the way for the various plumbing service providers to enhance their business. The service provider is allowed to register by providing their location and professional certifications in and around the city. The app will automatically sync the service providers with customers using the help of an integrated GPS tracking system. With multiple offers of the service providers, you are enabling your customers to choose the best service providers according to their preferences. 
  • White-Label Solution: The app developers at TurnkeyTown provide a complete white-label solution where you can replace it with your own brand names and logo. With this as a prominent feature, your on-demand plumbing service app will flourish around the world. 
  • 100% Personalized App: The app developers provide you with ready-made solutions. You will be allowed to customize your on-demand service app according to your requirements and preferences. You can change the theme, categories and make feasible access for the users to gain a wider consumer base. 

Avant-Garde Features Of On-Demand Plumbing Service App: 

Similarly, while developing an app, it is also essential to check the vital features and the on-demand plumbing service app.  Whereas this app also includes basic features such as: 

  • Sign Up/ Sign In: Without a doubt, this is the most basic feature that is available in almost all on-demand apps. Therefore, through this, the user will be able to sign in to the app. The app will itself recognize whether the sign-up is done by a service provider or the service seeker. 
  • Dashboard: All the service providers should link into the list of categories. Along with the services, their location, price, and likes will display for instant access.  
  • Service History: Through enabling this feature, the service providers, customers, and admin will be able to look into the service history. The services, price charge, ratings, and reviews will display under their profile. 
  • Booking Schedule: According to the availability, the user can book a service. The service provider will accept the booking request according to their availability status.
  • Safe & Secure Payment: There is no human interaction process. The users will be able to transfer the money through digital platforms.
  • GPS Tracking System: The app has an in-built GPS tracking system to help the users quickly navigate their service providers. They will be able to find many services nearby, and they can choose the best service providers.    

Advance Features: 

  • Social Media Login: You can allow your users to log in through multiple social media platforms like Facebook, email, and many. 
  • Auto-invoice Generation: Once the service provider does the service, an invoice will be sent to both the customer and the service provider. It will create the billing status, equipment replaced or added, etc. 
  • Verification: The user will receive an OTP notification through SMS or email address, and this would be shared while the service provider visits the customer’s place. 
  • Digital Wallets: The user can clear the payment through different payment methods. For instance credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, and many more. 

Cost For The Development For Uber-like Plumber App: 

Uber for plumbers is growing rapidly as it satisfies the needs of the people for their day-to-day problems. No matter where the users reside, the app will seek service providers within their locality. Moreover, this has emerged and is also playing a vital source in digital platforms.  

Firstly, the cost of developing an on-demand plumbing services app depends upon the features that you add to your app. Secondly, it also depends upon your customization. The ready-made solution comes at an affordable price for entrepreneurs. 

Winding Up: 

In the fast-growing technologies, creating your own space in the digital platform will enrich your business. It also helps to reach its great potential. Therefore, the Uber plumber app is mainly focused on providing customers with instant plumbing solutions. The profound app developers at TurnkeyTown allow you to launch an on-demand plumbing service app. They provide ready-made solutions and the latest technologies. Spread your innovative ideas for your users instantly.  


Markluber has been working as an app developer in TurnkeyTown for the past two years. With over five years of experience in this field, I help customers to build apps according to their business and technical plans with the best tools available in th