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plus size
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If you haven’t already noticed, the days of covering your curves under loose or ill-fitted clothing are over. It’s essential to give your curves the respect they deserve by declaring them and proudly adorning your body.

With more wardrobe choices now available, there are more opportunities to express yourself than ever before. You can sport any look with confidence if you wear the right Shapewear underneath to emphasize your silhouette. To be accurate, you can show off those curves and take your look to another level.

We understand you’d be skeptical at first- shopping for the right clothes can be a challenge. Like any other body type, not all women have the same size; some have big bums and beautiful thighs, some may have small hips, some are busty, and some aren’t.

To get you started, we’ve jotted down some tips to help you find the proper attire and flaunt those curves, make a statement and once again, gain that confidence you’ve always wanted. 

Know your body size 

The first step is to know your size. Some women believe it would offer more compression and be more effective if they have shaped their outfits down to size. That isn’t true at all. An effort to wear slimmer outfits on plus size creates bulges and rolls where you do not want them, not to mention it would be very uncomfortable.

Choosing the correct Plus size Shapewear can alter your look from Phyllis Smith to Amy Schumer. Since you want to look like Amy Schumer, find something that looks good and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. 

Remember: Comfort is also of fashion because it fuels confidence. There is a qualitative difference between a suit that matches your body well and a dress that squeezes it. 

Body shape 

As yourself. What are the sweets areas of your body? What are the parts you’re proud of? Once you’ve admired what you see in the mirror, the next step is easy. Find what makes you comfortable, and you’ll see how the right Shapewear brings out the best in you. 

Regardless of your height, understanding your body shape helps you see how beautiful you are (rather than trying to be someone else).

The body shaper also helps you select the right choice of outfits for your particular body: body shapers emphasize many aspects of your body.

  • Choosing your optimal support level

No, we’re not speaking about emotional aid – that’s for another time. 

The three different methods of compression for curvy women are as follows:

  • Super, comfy compression: are there any bulges you’d want to hide to get comfortable in an outfit? 

Anyone who doesn’t use Shapewear should begin with light compression because it is easier to wear during the day. If you want convenient shapes to wear every day, Super Compression fabric is the ideal option. 

You should also use lightweight compression clothing to prevent your thighs from rubbing.

  • Medium compression: do you want to emphasize those curves? Medium compression is created from soft, stretchy materials that move with the body and add subtle shape contours. It gives you hours of relaxation.

We suggest wearing moderate compression clothes if you’ve used Shapewear before and want to try one that’s comfortable, fluffy, and slim.

  • Firm Compression: mainly used to make the body look more contoured, compact, and unassisted compressions are ideal for formal and tailored garments such as wedding, promotional, and evening gowns. Without restrictions, you should feel toned and tighter.

Besides, if you are not used to wearing Shapewear daily, you shouldn’t choose firm compression because it’s heavier. For this, compressor shapewear is an excellent choice.  

  • Have some essential shapewear.

Following are some essential shapewear that every woman should have in her closet.

  • Bike shorts

Bike shorts have butt-smoothing, thigh-slimming poise while still protecting the thighs from chafing and discomfort. If you pick the right size, they stay in place without hurting your skin or making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Body Briefs

A body briefer is a form of Shapewear that looks like a regular panty. It is built with medium to high restraint panels on the top, hand, and back to smooth out and accentuate your lower abdomen.

Choose a body wrap with a double layer of the belly to give you complete control of the entire center of your chest, leaving you looking and feeling smooth. They must also have an anti-slip silicone strip at the waist, so no rolling down.

  • Long Leggings

With a pair of long leggings, you can embrace your curves from any angle. This Shapewear usually regulates thigh bulging and jiggling, giving them a smoother and toned look.

Choose a legging that is soft and helps balance freckles, bingo wings (aka muffin tops), and knee wrinkles without being see-through.

  • Corsets

Corsets are intended to make a woman’s waist seem lower and sexier by lifting the rips. Corsets have been used as body shapers since ancient times. They are sexy. Make sure to have a few of them to spice things up if you get lucky.

  • Seamless form wear

Seamless form wear is suitable for wearing under tailored dresses and skirts because it eliminates unappealing shapes.


That’s it; your guide to finding the perfect Shapewear is over!

Move around the universe with XXL faith, no matter your age, believe that you can rock any dress, formal or casual if you manage to choose the right plus size shapewear. When it comes to style, the closet has no bounds. So go ahead and flaunt those curves as much as you want; you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go. 

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