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Find Exhibition Stand Pop Up
By CHAMSI PIRSON 623 views

Insider Tips to Quality Pop-Up-Display Stands

It pays to be educated about pop up display stands before investing in them. A simple Google search for exhibition and display companies gives hordes of results. Going for a company offering unbelievable bargains might end up with regrets after a short while. The chances are high that you’re to end up with shoddy display stands less likely to give your brand a great impression to customers.

Various printed materials are essential when planning to attend an exhibition. Quality display stands are necessary to showcase your logo, product or service, and marketing message. However, you have to be wary of unscrupulous companies marketing online likely to cut corners. You have to be knowledgeable about pop up stands before taking the plunge.

 Exhibition Stand Pop Up

Here are insider tricks to get your money’s worth in pop up stands

Find a reliable local company

You can easily find display stand companies online from anywhere. However, working with a local company pays off. The chances are high that most companies online offering unbelievable prices for their products won’t give you your money’s worth. These usually outsource the work from other unprofessional providers.

Besides, there is no chance of checking the artwork before the final print. When you enlist the services of a local provider, you have a chance to check artwork, visit the premises, and check out former clients. Additionally, local companies stick to their delivery schedule to give you peace of mind. When taking the plunge to find exhibition stand pop up, working with a top London service provider is the best decision.

Check Print Quality

Before ordering pop up stands, understanding the expected quality is very important. All potential service providers claim to have state of the art printing equipment. However, not all live up to their promise of good quality. There is also a risk of not understanding the appropriate quality setting for your artwork.

Professional companies don’t focus on speeding up the print but rather on quality to meet customer expectations. So, expect your pop up stand to have graphics with a minimum 720dpi print quality. This is appropriate since customers are usually close to the displays during an exhibition. As noted earlier, working with a local company pays since you can visit the company premises to check some of their work. This allows having peace of mind regarding their print quality.

Understand Available Material

It is very important to understand the material for your pop up stand including extras. You have to ensure that the service provider will use industry-grade material with the right thickness. This ensures that the stand won’t tear or rip after a short while. Additionally, quality displays never let background light through to avoid complete bleaching of printed images.

The rule of thumb is to shortlist service providers and to check the material they have. This allows deciding on whether to for a stand with a straight, curved, single side, or double side. Understanding pop up stand material ensures that you end up with scratch-resistant graphics that will last for years.

Durability Of Graphics

Display stand graphics not printed on a solvent printer require laminating. Be sure about this when searching for printing company. The ideal pop up stand should have graphics that will last to allow reusing the display. Avoid service providers offering lower prices who are likely going to offer you stands without lamination to encourage reprints. Apart from fading shortly, the graphics on the stand are likely to mark and scratch on touching. Going for laminated stands eliminated all that stress.

Turnaround Time

Professional companies making pop up stands offer a turnaround time and stick to it. This makes planning easier and maintains a good relationship with clients. To you, getting your stands on time makes planning for your exhibition easier. It eliminates last-minute panic and resultant stress. Working with a service provider who keeps their word is likely to make your work with them longer and to give them positive reviews.

When making last-minute plans for an exhibition, you can order a next day delivery. However, the company has to stick by their word. This creates a stellar impression of the company while allowing you to go ahead with your plans without any panic.

Product Guarantee

Companies that offer value to their customers stand by their products. Therefore, a reliable stand making company will offer a 10-year guarantee on their products’ hardware. You will always be sure that the stands will perform their intended purpose to give you a good return on investment. This gives peace of mind that the stands will work beyond expectation paying back the initial investment.

In A Nut-Shell

Pop up stands are a great choice when looking forward to making your exhibition stand out. However, you have to be knowledgeable about the material, turnaround time, the durability of graphics, and print quality. Hope by now you are sure of what to do when looking forward to quality pop-up displays.

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