It is always said that learning is up to each individual, but in the case of poverty it is completely otherwise. Poverty is the biggest enemy of education. Such students receive worse education but along with that, they become victim to lifestyle and health issues which will impact their ability to learn.

Poverty has a major role to play when it comes to education. Let’s look at some of the ways in which poverty clearly impacts education.

  1. Disadvantage due to parents lifestyle

It is quite obvious of a reason to say that poor families are not able to get proper nutrition and therefore they aren’t able to feed their kids properly. With little financials, they might have to send their kids to schools with maybe no breakfast or lunch. Quite a few studies have shown that lack of nutrition will definitely affect the brain’s capacity to learn and adapt. Therefore, very quickly these kids end up falling behind their classmates.

Some of the other reasons for their impact on education could be drug use before birth, children who witness violence or experience household stress, etc, These few reasons also impact the child’s brain to focus and these problems lead to deficiencies in children.

  1. Lack of poverty-specific learning programs. 

The focus is on the nation as a whole rather than being specific. Therefore, improving the education system is a focus on the general standards. This pressurizes the poor neighborhood to live up to the criteria of other neighborhoods. To balance this out, some best school in Andhra Pradesh have resources that can help students failing at school. But this decreases the graduation rate because it is treated as a statistic.

  1. Reduced verbal and reasoning skills

It goes without saying that students from impoverished households have lower levels of verbal and reasoning skills in comparison to their peers because of the obvious reason that no one reads to them. In such a case only the best school for all-around education in Andhra Pradesh can provide children with the required development skills. As these children learn limited vocabulary because their parents have longer working hours, or lower levels of education, so the parents are unable to give their children the same level of attention. In addition to this, poor children also aren’t advised or told how to deal with things before they enter school. They learn things from their own experience.

  1. Impaired development due to stress

A child can only learn to adapt when they have no stress or pressure from home. But in the case of poverty, it can create a state of emergencies that will, in turn, affect the kids. The stress from home does affect their stress hormones. These hormones affect brain development which may lead to the lack of attention or fail to develop proper memory function.

  1. Bad school conditions

Studies have proven that bad school conditions definitely affect the students. When schools are in need of repair, or lack books, and various other resources, it surely takes time for them to retain teachers and therefore this impacts the students negatively.

  1. Unaware of possibilities 

Poor children aren’t aware of the various career opportunities available to them within and outside their community. They only have one agenda that is to make money. They aren’t explained in detail as to the various different careers in which they can excel and eventually make money. Due to not providing them with enough required information, they tend to fall onto the wrong path for making money.

Poverty not only affects education on an institutional level but also at a personal level. The kids aren’t able to learn things by themselves because of parents with lower educational background, stress at home, no proper meals, etc,. These pressure the child and thus they are not able to adapt or learn in school. The opportunities for such kids are also limited to a great extent.

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