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power chain
By JAKES LESSOR 13,753 views

What is a Power Chain and What Does it Do for Braces?

Dentists have been prescribing power chains to help with braces since they were first invented, and they’re the most popular product on the market today. But what exactly are power chain braces, and what do they do for braces? What makes them such an effective tool in helping your teeth straighten out as you near the end of your orthodontic treatment? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this innovative orthodontic tool!

When should you start wearing power chains?

If you have crowded teeth or your bottom teeth are overlapping your top teeth, you may have a condition called malocclusion. The result of malocclusion can be difficulty chewing and biting, misaligned teeth, or even jaw pain or headaches. Wearing power chains helps to keep your lower jaw in place so that your upper and lower teeth bite together properly. Before having dental work done, such as orthodontic treatment, some dentists recommend wearing power chains to help with these problems. Your dentist will let you know if power chains are right for you. If they aren’t, other options exist like other types of braces that can straighten crooked teeth. Power chains aren’t for everyone, but if you think they might help, talk to your dentist about whether power chains are right for you.

How to wear power chains

Power chains, or rubber bands made of latex material, are brace accessories that work by attaching to braces color wheel and providing resistance against teeth in order to help push them into position more quickly. As with any orthodontic product, it’s important to know how to wear power chains braces safely so they don’t cause damage. Power chains can be worn on either upper or lower teeth. When attached to upper teeth, they should be placed as far back as possible, ideally lining up with where your back molars will eventually be (which won’t come into play until many years after you get your permanent dentures). If you wear power chains on your lower teeth, place them as far forward as possible.

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What are the benefits of power chains?

When your orthodontist attaches power chains to your braces, he or she is ensuring that you have correct tooth movement from start to finish. Power chains are added to both upper and lower molars at seven points in treatment. In other words, if you have 16 molars in total (4 on top and 4 on bottom), you will have a total of seven power chains for each quadrant. Not only are power chains great for getting teeth into their final positions, but they also help with jaw alignment so that you don’t have protruding chins or jaws after you remove your braces. Power chains also make sure teeth come into contact with each other correctly, which helps prevent excessive bite problems after orthodontic treatment ends.

Can people see my power chains under my clothing?

Some people don’t want to or are not able to wear their power chains out in public. This isn’t a problem. Power chains have been designed with that in mind. They can still effectively treat your teeth even if you can’t see them. In fact, they are just as effective whether you can see them or not! All power chairs come with removable closures, which simply go around each link of your power chain, holding it together but making sure no one will ever be able to see them unless you choose to show them off.

To remove them, all you need to do is remove one pin from your power chain at a time. Your power chain will be intact without its closure and perfectly safe on your teeth without any further adjustments needed. There’s no reason to worry about how others perceive you when wearing a power chain—and if they think something negative about you because of it, then perhaps those aren’t good friends anyway! As long as wearers are comfortable wearing their power chains, there really isn’t anything else that matters when it comes down to it.

Do I need to get rid of my retainer when I wear power chains on top of my retainer?

There aren’t any serious risks to wearing power chains on top of your retainers or braces, but there are some side effects. One of these effects is teeth grinding (bruxism), which leads to tooth decay and cracks. The placement of power chains makes it easy to grind at night while you sleep; just be aware that even small changes can have an effect on your teeth. Don’t wear power chains too often in order to prevent any damage, like tooth decay.

Are there risks associated with wearing power chains on top of my retainers or braces when I sleep?

It’s possible that power chains could cause problems with your sleep. The biggest risk is that you might wake up with a bruise or black eye. Most people find they don’t need to wear their retainers while they sleep, so make sure you consult your dentist before wearing power chains on top of your retainers or other appliances. Even if you decide to wear them at night, try not to get too close to bedtime—it may be uncomfortable (and in some cases dangerous) if you’re still wearing them when you go to bed.

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