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Praying Mats
By JOE MAILLET 1,709 views

How is Prayer Performed in Islam?

How is a prayer performed in Islam? Many Muslims know that prayer is a must daily activity, however, not everyone knows the meaning of Muslim Prayer. Prayer in Arabic is known as Salah or data, which means worship or homage to Allah. In fact, there are different forms of worship practiced throughout the world and each of them is referred to as Salah in Arabic.

Most Muslims in Europe have no idea how to perform Muslim prayers unless they visit a masjid or mosque. However, it is very easy to learn the procedure if you visit a bookstore or library. Muslim praying mats are also available for purchase online. On the first appearance, prayer rugs resemble wool or cotton rugs and come in beautiful patterns, floral, geometric, or free-flowing patterns.

Most prayer rugs are made up of wool and are very soft. Wool has long been used for clothing because of its comfort and durability. Sometimes, prayer rugs are also. These usually come in a thick felt type of material and are usually made of 100% wool. The texture of the carpeting is usually very smooth and shiny.

Prayer rugs used as a floor covering are usually of wool; however, silk prayer rugs are also available. Some of these prayer rugs are actually made from silk, but they are rare and very expensive. Men and women who perform the prayer in a mosque usually keep these wool prayer rugs. They are then placed on a raised platform called a minbar that is situated in front of a prayer hall.

When people go to a shop to buy a rug, it often shows a picture of the Kabbah. Oftentimes, the picture of the kabbah is combined with a Hadith, which is a narrative from Islamic history. People then have the option of choosing from different designs of prayer mats. Usually, people choose different designs based on their personality and what they think is suitable for the place. People also buy different designs to suit their bedrooms or other rooms in the house.

There are other types of carpets like the prayer rugs that are used for other purposes as well. During Hajj, the carpet used is special because Hajj is a very important festival. The carpet is spread on the ground at Muzdalfa; if someone does not sit on the carpet then he or she will not be allowed to proceed with the process of pilgrimage. However, for Muslim and some non-Muslim followers, it is important that the carpet remains on the ground. This is because the carpet symbolizes Allah and his angels; therefore, it is believed that no one should sit on the carpet when it is being spread for worship.

When we talk about dates back in Islamic history, we find that the wearing of prayer rugs was more of an obligation rather than a fashion. They used to follow the rules and regulations set by Islamic law, such as having two rugs – a black and a white one. Wearing two prayer rugs would signify that a person follows the laws of Islam and cares for his fellow man. In addition to being worn by Muslim men and women, these rugs can be seen worn by others around the globe. In fact, they are popular in European countries such as UK and Italy.

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