pre-inspection agreement

When a home inspector is called upon to inspect a house, there are chances that the inspector will ask the potential home buyer to sign an agreement, before the commencement of the inspection process. This is what you call a pre-inspection agreement. 

While not every home inspector will have such an agreement for the buyer to sign, those who do will help the inspector to lay down a basic set of expectations that the buyer can expect from the house inspection service. In that way, the inspector, as well as the buyer, can avoid any useless quarrels or incorrect expectations when the inspection will be completed. 

Basic Things To Learn About A Pre-Inspection Agreement

Professional home inspection in Toronto services states that generally, a pre-inspection agreement should contain all the aspects of the service that the home inspector is planning to provide to the buyer. The agreement can also contain a list of things that will not be included with the service. Moreover, the inspector will state-certain terms & conditions regarding the things that he or she will be responsible for. 

Apart from that, when the inspector will draft the agreement, he or she will take the rules & regulations of the state into account as well. 

The Key Elements Of A Pre-Inspection Agreement

The following are some of the most popular elements that you can find in a pre-inspection agreement:

  • The overall home inspection fee as well as the due date for the same.
  • Any exclusions that are made for the home inspection.
  • The service inclusions. 
  • Any extras that can be included in the service, for an extra fee.
  • The list of limitations when it comes to liability for the home inspector.
  • The process of resolving any disputes, if arise between the home inspector and the buyer. 
  • Any mention of warranty or guarantee on the home inspection being done.
  • Any changes that are being made to the agreement should be given in writing.

The Importance Of A Pre-Inspection Agreement

The following are the three primary reasons why a pre-inspection agreement is very significant, both for the home buyer as well as the home inspector:

  • Setting Expectations

When the inspection parameters are put into writing, both the client as well as the inspector will be fully aware of the services that are to be provided/obtained. Both parties will understand the limitations and benefits of the home inspection process. 

  • Complying With The Local Laws 

Some states or countries have certain laws regarding home inspection procedures. Therefore, in some areas, home inspectors will be compelled to draft a pre-inspection agreement. 

  • Complying With Insurance Companies

Certain home insurance providers will not be covering claims for the house if the home inspection procedure lacks a pre-inspection agreement. Thus, moments like these are when pre-inspection agreements are a must to have for the buyer. 

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