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Pre Wedding Grooming
By RITU SEHRAWAT 783 views

5 Essential Pre-Wedding Grooming Treatments

For major events like weddings, people generally prioritize showing off an attractive and clean-cut appearance. This is especially important for the main couple, i.e., the bride and the groom. 

Therefore, many salon experts offer various services for Essential Pre-Wedding Grooming, including full-scale skin, hair, and nail care treatments. For the best results, the clients need to prepare their overall self-grooming plan months prior, too. 

In terms of the pre-wedding grooming treatments, salon experts focus on the five main services during this process. 

1. Facials/Body Contouring 

Facials and body contouring are two major services available for pre-wedding grooming. For example, the skin tightening treatment uses radiofrequency energy to flex the deeper dermis layers. This, in turn, boosts the maturity rate of collagen and improves skin elasticity. 

Additionally, the salon professionals offer various facial services, too. These methods are useful for properly cleaning out the skin pores of impurities and revitalizing the dermis layers. 

2. Haircut/Hair Coloring 

Under pre-wedding grooming essentials, hair styling and hair coloring are notable services, as well. Brides and grooms hire reliable hairstylists from respectable local salons to provide attractive haircuts. Plus, many opt for hair coloring options like ombre or highlights, too. 

Here, the specialists keep note of the hair type and face shape before executing the process. For men, the beard shaping service is an additional bonus. 

3. Massage 

Many clients opt for massaging services with spa benefits and services for total grooming. Such pre-wedding massage treatments are good for improving skin conditions, body health, and relaxation. 

4. Tanning 

One of the main options you would notice in the Essential Pre-Wedding Grooming kit that professionals offer is self-tanning products. 

The salon experts provide this service, too. They know how much self-tanning product is enough to create a particular complexion. Plus, they suggest extra tips and help with the tanning applications, as well. 

Also, the specialists handle skincare techniques like exfoliation and moisturization two days beforehand to prep the skin for tanning. 

5. Manicure/Pedicure 

Salons offer manicure and pedicure services as well as under pre-wedding grooming. Here, they handle multiple steps common in the standard skincare regime, like exfoliation and moisturization. 

Plus, extra steps include cuticle care, nail filing/trimming, and coloring. Also, many manicurists help with artificial nail designs, like gel manicures. 

Tips for pre-wedding grooming you must follow 

The following are particular points you should follow for decent personal grooming ahead of the wedding day. 

  • Focus on dental/oral care for a bright smile 

Clients should focus on oral health before the wedding to ensure whiter stainless teeth. Here, visiting a certified dentist is recommended. They provide medications for gum health and deliver teeth-whitening and straightening procedures.

Plus, it is important to adopt daily dental care practices like limiting caffeine and tobacco consumption. 

  • Workout to get in shape 

Another necessary step you should follow is about getting into shape. Here, gymming and dieting are strategies to focus on. Start these measures months ahead of time. 

  • Follow regular skincare regime 

Skin Care professionals stress the importance of regular skincare practices. So, use homemade remedies and products for different skincare steps and also regulate your diet.

Following all these steps twice every day, including once before sleep-time, is useful. For example, removing the entire makeup at night allows the skin pores to breathe. 

  • Destress at a spa/salon 

Stress can affect the health and skin conditions of a person over time, like increasing aging marks. Thus, getting a spa treatment or massage relaxes the muscles and the mind alike.

  • Trim beards regularly 

For the grooms, beard maintenance is important. Trim the beard regularly, wash it well, and even shave. Right before the wedding, it is easier and safer to take the help of salon specialists. This way, you can avoid cuts and possible skin infections. 

  • Get professional-level skincare consultation 

Before going ahead with the self-grooming steps, specifically for skin care, people should know their dermis condition well first. Indeed, particular products and techniques may react badly or show no effects at all for specific skin types. 

So, you should reach out to professionals through the Zoylee online salon booking app for a personalized consultation. They are trained to conduct proper skin evaluation steps and skin conditioning procedures alike. Plus, these experts offer valuable tips, too. 


Overall, before the wedding, taking the help of high-quality and trained professionals is necessary. Not only do these multiple services benefit a client to look more put together, but some also improve one’s health.  For the best grooming experience, you should assess your requirements and body conditions first, like the skin type.

Ritu Sehrawat

I am a former executive.