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By KATE CHASTEN 2,114 views

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring – 2022 Guide

After winter cold days and nights that required blankets, fireplace, pillows, and long pyjamas. the spring calls to go outside and enjoy the warm weather and long-awaited outdoor activities. As much as your wardrobe needs a change, the same applies to your home. Spring cleaning is a known major activity in everyone’s home, but on such a big scale it may be too much to handle, so here is a checklist to help you with it.

Declutter for spring

The first big task is to throw out everything that is not needed. As winter gets everyone a bit more stagnant, it is easy to accumulate the magazines and books next to the couch, put off recycling, and simply take care of anything that can be done ‘tomorrow’. Throw out the things you don’t use, that have been in your home enough, and especially the ones that can be reused – gift them to someone who might need it more, or to an organization. A good idea is to gift all blankets and pillows to animal rescues, as they always need to keep their patients and temporary residents clean and warm.

Replace décor and bedding

The heavy curtains that hide the grey skies and all those warm and fuzzy blankets you have used and loved throughout the cold season you won’t need until the final days of the autumn. Thoroughly wash and dry out the bedding and the pillows put them in safety bags and store them. You might do it a few weekends just to keep it safe while you still have some cold evenings and mornings. When it comes to winter décor – textiles to the washing machine, and the other décor to the boxes if you are keeping them, and if not, still store them separately to give away.

Clear & repair gutter

Gutters are protection for your house’s roof and walls. The gutter system collects the rain that would otherwise in time leak through the roof and onto house walls, causing costly damage. Therefore, gutters need to be maintained properly, as the leaves clog them, in time causing damage. If you don’t want to deal with leaks, mildew, in case of damage you must consider gutter replacement as the professionals from Perth state. Cleaning gutters should be done once a year with possible second cleaning if you have a lot of trees around your home.

Wash windows

If you’ve removed the heavy curtains, you are already checking the weather to see when to clean the windows. Try not to do all windows on the same day to avoid doing it sloppily. Make use of the rags you made from the old cotton textile since they absorb the dirt and grime the best while saving money. Avoid spraying a lot of cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the woodwork and clean the glass in sections. To finish the polishing, use an old newspaper or invest in a fine microfiber cloth. A bonus tip is to change the curtains on the cleaning day to avoid getting a layer of dust on a freshly cleaned glass.

Check & repair the roof

Since chances are you will go to the roof to check the gutter, you should also check the roof. Whereas you might not have any leaks, you could have some damage to the roof tiles, roof flashing, or roof structure in general. Check on the roof and under, use a flashlight to get a good look at darker spots. If you were to encounter any irregularity, you should call the professionals to help you with your roof. A good roof will keep your home and belongings safe.

Clean backyard

After you are done with the house roof and gutter, it’s time to clean the outdoor sitting area and start the alfresco season early. Clean the area of any leaves or gunk that the winter left behind, to get the best results use a pressure washer for flooring and fence. Deep clean the pillows, seats and leave them to dry under the sun before you start using them. If you’ve done the washing in the autumn hang them to get some sun to get rid of any potential dust and bacteria that might stay on them.

Prepare for gardening

The gardening season can start as early as you like, although it is best to check with the local gardeners which temperature will be the best to start in. First and foremost, make a plan. What would you like to have this year, what will you keep and where? Put everything down before checking the equipment. The equipment may need additional cleaning, sharpening, or replacement. In the case of a lawnmower, check the blades and the motor thoroughly before first use to avoid service when you should be mowing. After that remove thatch, fertilize and add mulch to your garden to give it time to prepare for the planting.

Bring the colours in

To ensure that the inside of your home matches the outdoors, introduce fresh and vivid colours to your home. Go all out, as if you were buying children’s clothes and accessorize when it comes to the colour choice. If you want to follow the trends, check the latest colour trends for spring 2022. Take some lighter green and the bright colour of the flowers from your backyard for the best flow of the inside and outside. Don’t forget to add the flower bouquet to your living room!

Kate Chasten

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