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Many business owners in India have been attracted to the lucrative revenues that the education sector generates. This has made them wonder, “How to start a preschool in India?” Though, it is true that the education industry does bring in a plethora of money, but it won’t be ethical to start a pre-school just for monetary benefits.

Starting and running a pre-school has to be ideally done in a dignified manner as any preschool franchise in Uttarakhand happens to play a vital role in a toddler’s overall growth. Thus, extreme care has to be taken in initiating such a noble business and some particular steps are to be followed in establishing the pre-school.

  1. Naming: Name certainly holds much significance, as it will become a brand in subsequent years and the pre-school will be identified by this brand. Coming up with a unique name that would be easy to memorise and recite by the children as well as connect with their parents and the theme of the pre-school; would be most appropriate.
  2. Defining Budget: There will be an investment required for land or lease of property, constructing or enhancing the infrastructure, furniture, remuneration of staff, utility installations and bills, equipment, teaching apparatus, security systems, etc. All of this will need money, to begin with. The money can be raised by individual investors or by seeking a bank loan against collateral security of sort.
  3. Procuring Permissions: Getting the required permissions from the local governing bodies to start the pre-school is essential. Under the RTE Act, there are some norms that must be fulfilled by any individual or group of individuals wanting to start a pre-school. There are permits to be acquired in order to start constructing the infrastructure, hiring staff members, commercial utility connections, and so on. At times, the franchising umbrella preschool body does it for the interested individual or group of people who have sought the franchise first.
  4. Curriculum: A good pre-school curriculum has to be created or followed that of the franchise. It must include a lot of playground and fun activities because that will keep the hyperactive child engaged throughout his or her time in the preschool franchise in Uttarakhand.
  5. Recurring Training: There are many training programs organised by the franchise governing body, which must not be missed. This training makes both the teaching as well as non-teaching staff up-to-date with the latest in the education realm. Even the owners, founders, and the key position holders of the institution need to receive the training from time-to-time to be better at what they have initiated. The constant learning on the part of these key figures of the institute and the team-members would ensure that the children receive the best; which they deserve.

The above five steps should help anyone thinking how to start a preschool in India, without any further hassles. Though additional training will be required for everyone from the founders to the non-teaching staff and it has to be arranged. Because good training will enhance the overall quality of the pre-school.

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