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product photography
By SUMUL PADHARIA 8,321 views

Tips to Click High-Quality Product Photos With Your Phone

Product photography holds an important role in eCommerce sales, helping boost the product’s sales. Product photography deals with capturing the product that you want to display. It, in a way, becomes the mirror and soul of your business because the customers frame their opinion of buying the product based on the displayed pictures. That is why it becomes all the more important to have picture-perfect shots of the products. And here, the need for product photo editing is realized.  

However, it becomes a little difficult to click the shots without a professional camera. But, it can be easily dealt with when you have the latest smartphones. If you wonder how to click wonderful pictures using a smartphone, let us familiarize you with various tips and tricks to click high-quality product photos.   

Tips to Click High-Quality Product Photos

Let us familiarize ourselves with the tips to click high-quality product photos.  

A Well-lit Room

The first and foremost thing is selecting a well-lit room with a window. However, the bigger the window, the lighter you will receive, thereby making your product shine. It is believed that when you click the product photos keeping them close to the window, it gives a softer look and darker shadows.  

Make Sure You Have Complete Equipment

After selecting the perfect room, now it’s time to have the right equipment. If you’re aiming to achieve the perfect photo, you’ll need equipment for that like light stands, different kinds of camera lenses, reflectors, etc. Now you have a choice, either buy the equipment or rent them. If you prefer renting equipment, you can contact a Grip and Electric Philadelphia company and have the rented equipment delivered to your studio.

Select the Smartphone

With the help of the latest technology, there is a lot of trendy smartphone photography that has the DSLR-like quality associated with them. And you can use any latest smartphone to ace smartphone photography 

Get a Mini Tripod

Mini tripods range from inexpensive to costly. A mini tripod helps in reducing the camera shake and helps in getting firm and stable.  

Set up Your Backdrop

It is essential to have a firm and classic background to draw the focus on the product. Usually, the photographers prefer the classic white background as it makes the product shine. An easy trick is to set up the background is you can hold it with the help of Scotch tape. But if you do not have a scotch tape, then you can switch to sticky tack.  

Set Up A Diffuser Sheet To Tone Harsh Sun

When the sun is too harsh, the diffuser sheet helps to soften the light. You can find these diffuser sheets on any shopping website, or you can even create them using paper. If you don’t have that yet, a good decision will be to find a good editing tool that allows you to relight photo online and will help you perfect your images in post-processing. 

Opt for White Bounce Boards

It is quite important to control the light while clicking the product pictures. A bounce board will serve as a good fit. It helps minimize the sharp shadows, creates a balanced look of the lighting setup, and draws focus on the minute details of the product. 

Set up a Diffuser Sheet to Tone Harsh Sun

When the sun is too harsh, the diffuser sheet helps to soften the light. You can find these diffuser sheets on any shopping website, or you can even create them using paper.  

Add-on Lenses

Smartphone photography has evolved to a great extent, and there is an additional advantage of the option of add-on lenses. However, a wide-angle lens can be useful for larger items. A macro lens helps to show the intricate details of the product. But be a little careful while choosing the lens. It helps give the customers the details about how the product actually looks.  

The Basic Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting Product Photography

Let us understand what mistakes we should avoid while having fashion photography of the products.  

A Big NO to Selfie

Opt for the rear-facing camera to get a higher resolution. In addition to this, clicking the selfie of the product will give you unacceptable angles that will not be convenient in the long run. 

Do Not Use the Flash

The flash present in the phone is not appropriate for good photos. Using a flash will spoil the beauty of your pictures. So, in order to get the best pictures of your product, please avoid the usage of flash. However, if you want to improve the lights, you can use natural light along with LED lights for better-quality pictures.  

Do Not Zoom in

Digital zoom is not suggested as it is not good for the quality of the picture. However, if you require a close-up shot, just move a bit closer to the product instead of zooming in. The reason is zooming in will take away the charm of the product.  

Not Clicking Sufficient Shots

Customers want to be aware of the product in detail. So, it is indeed a great idea to click ample shots focussing on the details of the product, thereby giving the details of the product. Click from various angles, and it will surely give a great perspective of the product.  

How to Shoot Photography with a Mobile Phone?

Now that you have decided to click your product photography with your smartphone, let us understand how to do so.  

Prepare Your Smartphone

It is very important to charge the phone completely and have ample storage on your phone.  

Set up the White Balance

Please ensure to adjust the white balance. Click on white balance and keep it white to get the picture-perfect shots.  

Do Not Forget the Exposure

Do not forget to touch the exposure button while clicking the product.  

Maintain the Focus

It is important to maintain the focus of the product so that when the customers glance at it, they can dwell their entire focus on the product.  

Review the Pictures

After clicking the pictures, please ensure to review them before uploading them to the website. There might be a window of improvement. Some pictures might have turned out to be blurred or a bit hazy. Please check if there is anything as such that has to be removed.  

Final Words on Clicking Product Photos on Smartphone

There you go! We have familiarized you with the tricks and tips for clicking pictures using smartphones. However, if you feel the pictures are not up to the mark, they require a bit of editing here and there. And as the pictures have to be up to mark, it is important to edit them to make them flawless. However, to get the pictures absolutely perfect, editing is a must. 

You can get in touch with a reliable company that offers the best fashion photo editing services. So, get in touch with a reliable company that can handle the editing of your product pictures.  

Sumul Padharia

Sumul Padharia is an experienced business development professional who is inspired by design, innovation and the power of relationships. When he's not working, he likes to play dart and spend some quality time with his family.

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