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carpet Cleaning
By JAMES DEAN 417 views

6 Myths Debunked About Professional Carpet Cleaning

A carpet look enhances the look of any place where it’s placed. It gives the place warmth and brings out the beauty of the interior design elements. However, the carpets need professional cleaning especially those in high traffic areas. Keep in mind that there are various myths about carpet cleaning. Realizing the truth about these will significantly help to highlight the importance of having your carpets cleaned by a professional. Below are 6 myths debunked about professional carpet cleaning.

Image credit: clean4u.ie

The quicker you clean the more it becomes dirty

Some people think the more you clean the carpet, the more it becomes easier for it to get dirty. This is not true because dirt is abrasive. Every time someone steps on a dirty carpet, carpet fibers are damaged underneath. Sooner than later, you’ll realise that you need to replace your carpets. Vacuuming the carpet is not enough to keep it safe from fine grains and grease. All these contribute significantly to wearing out of the carpet.

Only clean when the carpet looks dirty.

Waiting to clean your carpets until they look dirty is a bad idea. Even without looking dirty, the carpets attract bacteria, fungi, and pollen. There are transported onto the carpet from outdoors by people who step on it. Failure to have the carpets cleaned by a professional will increase the chances of breathing difficulties and allergies. The solution is to schedule professional cleaning of your carpets to avoid such problems.

All cleaning methods offer the same results.

Carpets come in various materials that require different cleaning methods. Only professionals handling carpet cleaning in Dublin can understand the appropriate method for cleaning your carpets. Professional dry cleaners can tell whether the carpet requires dry cleaning or hot water extraction. The choice of cleaning method depends on factors like fabric and state of the carpet. A professional cleaning agency will send an agent to check the state of your carpets before recommending an appropriate cleaning method.

Anyone can do the job

Cleaning carpets is not a job anyone can do. It takes training and industry experience. This explains why you must entrust the job of cleaning your carpets to a reputable cleaning agency. Cleaning companies have trained and experienced operators who understand the best way to handle cleaning equipment for a good job.

The lowest price offers better value

You get what you pay for. Therefore, for professional carpet cleaning, the lowest quote doesn’t guarantee the best value for the money. Look out for a company that offers to clean your carpets thoroughly at a fair price. It will take longer for your carpets to get dirty again hence saving in the long run. Some agencies offering low quotes might have hidden costs that are bound to increase the total cost.

A quote over the phone is enough

It’s easier to find a carpet cleaning company online. However, keep in mind that you might have specific requirements for your job. Therefore, a reliable agency doesn’t have to get pressurised into quoting for the anticipated service without proper evaluation of the job requirements. Professional cleaners use some benchmarks to determine the proper quote for cleaning carpets. These might include:

  • Amount of soiling

  • Carpet type and size

  • Furniture to be moved

  • Stains that might require special attention

Final thought

To have your carpets cleaned properly, ensure to entrust the job to cleaners who take pride in their work. This explains why to choose a company with trained and experienced operators.

James Dean

James Dean is a content handler and blogger who loves to write as freelancer for their readers and followers. Dean has a fantastic ability to make the most complex subject matter easy to understand.