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Project Management
By MEAMOONA QADEER 3,131 views

5 Features That Make Project Management Software Agile

Whether you are selecting a CRM or project management software for your business. The principal features remain the same, such as the usability and functionality of the application to the user interface. But value for money tops everything else.

Moreover, hunting for project management software is not less than hiring skilled and capable project managers. So, if you are not sure what an ideal project management application should have, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a quick list of must-have features in project management apps. With a brief analysis of two apps in light of our present features.

If you need detailed information on the utility or customization, then it is advised that you always contact certified Odoo partners or Odoo CRM Consultant for Odoo ERP customization or post-service Odoo training support. Never go for freelancers, as they have little to no access to the source code. On top, they don’t offer post-service solutions.

An innovation management tool is an essential feature that makes project management software agile, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and promoting the rapid testing and implementation of novel ideas

Must-Have Features Of A Cloud-Based Project Management Application

1. Create Multiple Project & Plan Workflow

The first thing that you need in your project management application is the liberty to create multiple projects and relevant workflow. Not every company on the face of the earth follows a similar business process or same terminology. Even the workflow of a marketing department or software development is not the same. Therefore, creating a custom project with a unique workflow that eases task management is essential as it lowers the risk of missing priority tasks.

Moreover, there are multiple project views, including Kanban, Gantt, Time Sheet, etc., so it is important to know which you’ll be needing and select the application accordingly.

2. Task Creation Liberty

The next thing is to have the liberty of task creation. This includes managing the schedule, adding a task to the calendar, tracking deadlines, and creating subtasks and dependencies. And, the most important thing is to have a collaboration or communication box where team members can provide feedback or add a comment related to the task in real-time.

3. Visualize information

In addition to adding tasks, the thing that can make recurring tasks boring is having little to no images. Therefore, having an interactive and task card with a display visual can make the workspace intuitive. Also, the project managers can use graphs and pivot tables to analyze the team member’s productivity and project or tasks completion status.

4. Collaboration

The essential thing for any project management is collaboration, and having a secure communication channel that doesn’t require switching between applications can save time. Everything remains safe in a central system that automatically organizes documents, communication, and task according to the project. And, the best part is one can customize the view as they see fit.

5. Analyze And Generate Reports

The second and most important thing is to have the features to analyze the project data and generate reports that offer deep insights into the task or project completion status, pending or delayed tasks. Here you need to understand that reports should be superbly comprehendible that require little to no effort to decipher the information.

How Odoo Project Management App Can Give Wings To Your Projects

Odoo is a complete ERP and CRM solution that aims to provide a one-stop solution to all business vertices’ needs. And Odoo Projects is one of the many applications that solely focuses on making project management super agile. And, the best part of Odoo is, you can forecast resources based on reports. Secondly, the dashboard offer collaborates on tasks feature, where team members and dependencies can communicate on task. Moreover, it takes communication a step further with VoIP. This means you can call, send an email, and schedule a call at one place.

Additionally, project managers can track completed tasks, bill customers based on the fixed rate, time, and material. Also, one can create and automate invoices for a recurring task.

It can integrate with other Odoo applications and third-party apps with the central system. This means you can customize the Odoo interface to match your needs. And the applications can be used by anyone. Lastly, you will get a dashboard with the complete pictureThe dashboard contains the visual summary of all active tasks within a project. Moreover, you can filter the results based on priority tasks, group, completion ratio, and projects.

Parting Words

The most important thing for any company is to have the right tool for the right task. So, if you are a software development company, then having agile project management software such as Jira and monday.com can do wonders. Moreover, if you are looking for versatile project managing applications, Odoo and Zoho Projects are the right fit because they offer all third-tier features at a first-tier rate. For accurate estimates and reliable Odoo customization, always consults Odoo partners.

Meamoona Qadeer

Meamoona Qadeer is a digital media expert keen to learn and write about digital media, sales, and marketing, technological development, CRM and ERP solutions. You can read her pieces of writing at Techloyce