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property management
By LUPKA BELMEZOVA 1,125 views

Human Touch in Property Management Automation System

Operating a commercial property is no walk in the park. It is an energy-consuming task that takes a lot of effort causing property managers and estate owners to work with automation systems. 

If you are unfamiliar with the term, property management automation implies using technology to assist with the workload. It’s not an unusual method in businesses today. Advanced software can help lift the weight off your shoulders, simplifying your tasks. 

The best way for any system to work for tenants is to feel human. Therefore, artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence to create the best possible outcome for property managers. 

What is the Human Touch?

The most distinctive characteristic of human intelligence is individuality. To give technology human touch is to create a system to be personalized. We like smartphones so much because we get to choose our wallpapers and widgets. That’s the key – choice. The smartness of these cell phones is also defined by how well they can fit our personal needs.

The same logic applies to any other technological service. Software that fits your needs is the one that is convenient in any industry. Property automation systems with a human touch create that comfort for their users.

The humanization of technology is not limited to customization. Users want to have the opportunity to reach out. Whenever there is a software issue, you will want to get assistance. This can be found in the perfect property management software in the form of customer support. 

You can look up the answers to your questions and technology is the answer. It still doesn’t feel enough. The assistance of other people who have been trained to solve the issues lets you stay calm. If you are unsure of anything you can always receive great assistance from the operators. 

To put it simply – the human touch in the property automation system is the element of choice and personalization. 

How do you get the human touch in the property automation system?

One apartment could be suitable for various people. Students, couples, locals, or foreigners could all find the same place comfortable. The tenants are going to have their preferences. Language barriers can even be broken with the right property management software. Localization and endless support are a necessity.


The commercial property management software could have an option of choosing between languages. It can be difficult to navigate through an application in your second language. 

Multi-currency systems in property automation systems can be such a convenience. It’s very likely for your tenants to be from European or Asian countries. It would be unwise to assume that all of your guests can pay in USD. Software that lets you transfer multiple currencies simplifies the process of payments. 


We have already spoken quite a bit about the importance of customization for the human touch in technologies. Giving users the ability to choose a language and the currency of their preferences is already a part of personalization. However, that’s not all.

The application allows its users to create their branding within the software. You can give your customers exclusive experiences. The tenants will be able to check out your style and taste with the help of the software.

Moreover, on-demand integration will give you more power. Customising, branding, and personalising the software to fit your needs gives you control. Custom property management applications have the right amount of human touch so you don’t feel like a part of a bland system. 

Customization adds more color to anything. It gives you individuality and the ability to express yourself and your style.

Customer Service

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of human touch is contact with humans. You can find an FAQ page of any software or look up solutions to problems. However, some issues that arise seem very specific. Sometimes just the basic explanation you can find online is not enough.

Customer service is very important for the satisfaction of clients. Chatting or calling an operator gives the customer a sense of appreciation. The company is taking its time to attend to their needs. Another reason is that when you receive the assistance of another person you can explain your problems in detail. 

There are trained operators on the other line prepared to help you understand anything. So when you have a problem they will instantly give you the solution. They will take you through the details slowly and clearly. Making it simple for you to use the software. They will answer any questions you might have.

What is the result of the human touch in the property management automation system?

It’s easy to answer this question with two words – Customer Satisfaction.

Now to go into detail on what this means. We already talked about how pleasant it is to have someone answer your questions and attend to your needs. offering top-tier customer service helps clients in trusting you.

We also mentioned branding above. Branding your business puts you forward in the industry. Property owners can make themselves known with original templates and applications. They can fit the marketing strategy to their estate aesthetics. 

Localization will give you the opportunity to receive numerous applications. The more at ease tenants feel interacting with you, the higher your retention rate. Letting the guests pay in their preferred currencies gives you a great advantage in the field. As does communicate with them in their own language via software. 

All of these are provided by humanized software. Created to fit your standards and offer you quality service.


The human touch in property management follow-up and automation systems is more beneficial than you realise. Crucial – doesn’t even begin to cover it. The right software is going to let you communicate with your clients easily. Not only will it give your customers comfort by offering a wide range of options, but it will also assist you in developing a long-lasting and successful business.

Lupka Belmezova

Lupk is an Outreach Specialis at Goodjuju. Before joining the team she had various jobs. She worked as a content writer, a business manager, an SEO Executive.