There are various types of sheds available in the market such as metal, wood, plastic and vinyl sheds. Garden sheds are protective roof topping for the garden. The garden sheds can be made of plastic or wood. Below we have discussed how plastic (or vinyl) sheds for the garden could be useful and some of its bane.

Plastic garden sheds need very little maintenance and can stand out in all types of weather conditions. They are the new trending cheap garden sheds providing better functionality and resistance against wear and tear. The reason behind Plastic garden sheds coming into the trend is not only because it provides the buyer with cheap garden sheds, but also because it provides an ultimate hassle-free experience with low maintenance, long manufacturer warranty and is damp free.

Vinyl Garden Sheds

Advantages of Plastic or Vinyl Garden Sheds

  • Maintain temperature: The plastic sheds for garden preserve a relatively steady temperature. They don’t let the plants to burn planted inside. 
  • Multi-purpose: Highly popularized over wood or metal sheds. The plastic sheds provide similar functions like other materials. It’s used for sheltering vehicles with plants.
  • Easy to handle: Easy to build or flip it up. It is possible to add or remove other materials into them, for example, extra drawers and racks.
  • Plastic is Water and Weatherproof: Plastic is impermeable hence it is a perfect medium to keep out of rain, snow, fog or ice. Despite being cheap garden sheds, they are made from UV stable polypropylene.
  • No restriction on size: The vinyl shed will fit for any dimension of the lawn and some of the vinyl sheds are spacious enough to store garden implements, garden cushions, and even a recycling bin.
  • Attractive: The plastic sheds are painted and comes with attractive designs. It comes with stylish and durable material with integral floors.
  • Ease of maintenance: Easier to maintain, minimal servicing, no problems of rusting or reduce in the quality due to termite attack in case of metal and wood respectively.
  • Cost-effective: A lot cheaper compared to the use of other materials. Hence plastic garden sheds are cheap garden sheds and way under the budget.

Disadvantages of Plastic or Vinyl Garden Sheds

  • No UV protection: Not all vinyl sheds provide UV protection which would let the paint fade away in a short period. Especially the cheap garden sheds could break, crack easily with hot humidity.
  • Low security: The plastic is a cheap garden sheds with less security. There is a risk of keeping valuable garden tools as it is easy to break in or hard to damage.
  • Not attractive: The vinyl sheds will not completely mix with the natural environment of the garden. It could be painted colorfully yet it wouldn’t give an elegant look like a shed designed with oak.

Plastic sheds are cost-effective as well as made up of durable plastic to last longer, which makes it more attractive to customers who do not want to spend much of their money in buying metal or wooden sheds. Plastic Sheds are quite a solution to the monetary problem.

Garden Sheds

Looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of plastic garden sheds it is very clear that it is probable to use it but one must think twice as depends on one’s choice. Cheap garden sheds has its own good qualities but it also possesses its own drawbacks. So, if you are looking for a durable shed and have a good budget for buying a shed, it is best to go for wood or metal made sheds.

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