Pros & Cons of Technology in Business

There is no doubt if we say – technology has transformed every part of business operations. Businesspersons nowadays gain many benefits from numerous available software, hardware and online competences, all of which technology has delivered emphasis, Alan Oviatt.

Although technology is ubiquitous in the business world, companies today must prudently weigh the advantages and disadvantages of technology incorporation. If you are thinking to invest in tech in near future, then you are at right place. In this article, you will get some pros and cons of technology.

Let’s explore pros of technology

• Streamline doings and computerization:

Technology help businesses simplify their processes. Streamlining activities empower businesses to move quicker, resulting in lower prices.
For instance, Customer Relationship Management tool helps auctions team see evidently when and what topics they spoke about to customers. It automates upcoming correspondence and notes when a prospect becomes a customer.

• Increase in efficiency:

A few years ago, companies had to spend cash on flight ticket to host a meeting says, Alan Herbert Oviatt. Although face-to-face meetings can be extremely important, teleconferencing technologies today allow individuals across the nation to cooperate in an immediate. And this gives industries ways to use their travel funds more proficiently.

• Encourages novelty and creativity:

Employees can use available corporate technologies to generate innovative business concepts which can be used in business development and expansion. Furthermore, some corporations create technological defies and reward employees who come up with inventive notions using technology.

Technology in Business

Let’s explore cons of technology

• Increasing cost of compliance:

Instant access brings with it some risk. The same Internet technology that associates customers worldwide can also stream the entertainment videos. According to Alan Oviatt, email systems that upsurge the speed of communication can also lead employees to get into an online fiery war with a former co-worker. Technology has presented a new level of accountability on the part of the business owners to control these doings. And, these controls frequently cost an extra penny.

• Cause interruption at the workstation:

There are a lot of conducts, technology can divert workforces. For instance, the use of social networks during work can cause interruption and it disturbs the productivity of workers. Corporate technologies that reason the distraction at work comprise computers, smartphones and applications like Skype.

• Affects in-office rapports:

Today, employee’s uses text messages, mobile devices, email or simulated video conferencing tools in order to interact with each other. This type of communication technology eradicates face-to-face interaction. However, interpersonal communications are significant in creating workplace relations because workforces will get chance to know each other.

Wrapping Up

Above pros and cons of business technology by Alan Herbert Oviatt demonstrate that it is a process which must be prudently handled and planned for to be prosperous. If the negatives are taken into consideration earlier in the implementation process instigates, the experience has a better chance of success.

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