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Since 80% of all Australians live within 50km of the coast, many Aussies own beach-side residential properties, commercial buildings, and industrial warehouses that get frequently impacted by the intense weather brought in by the ocean.

The paint on the outside of your beach-side home or business takes a lot of abuse daily. The intense sun rays, harsh weather conditions, varying temperatures, environmental contaminants, dirt, salt corrosion, excessive moisture, and time may all play a role in causing exterior paint to fade, peel, and generally seem rundown.

Despite common knowledge, a building’s exterior serves many more purposes than just a good-looking aesthetic. Since exterior paint can provide a protective barrier safeguarding the building materials used in construction, as well as other beneficial structural functions.

So, to safeguard your beach-side property, consider the following five techniques to keep your exterior pristine.

Treat All Exterior Materials Appropriately–

The materials you choose for your residential property, commercial building, or industrial warehouse – particularly the surfaces exposed to the elements – are a key component to ensuring the property can endure beach-side exposure.

For example, in coastal locations, many metals, particularly types of steel, rust fast. Therefore, corrosion-resistant metals should be used; while they may be more expensive initially, the savings on upkeep will more than offset the original costs.

Although if you don’t have the resources to replace your exterior materials, a commercial painting company can treat your outer material to avoid these common exterior problems.

But failure to properly treat your external materials might lead to some pretty serious health and safety issues. In addition, cracks, humidity, mold build-up, and loose render may also create unattractive damage to your structure that is costly to repair.

Any reputable commercial painting company will be aware that adequately treating wood is critical to preventing it from rotting, particularly in coastal locations with high amounts of moisture in the air. Therefore, ensure that your wood features, particularly those that are structural and visible, are correctly treated by an experienced commercial painting company.


Waterproof Paint

Since residential properties, commercial buildings, and industrial warehouses encounter excessive moisture from being next to large bodies of water, the water penetrates the surface and damages the exterior paint.

Worst-case scenario, water can lead to mildew and other water damage throughout your building. So, it is best to hire a reputable commercial painting company to waterproof your exterior, as waterproofing protects the surface from such damages and therefore lengthens the durability of your building.

Waterproofing that is not done correctly can lead to more apparent water leaks, more mold-built-ups, and water damage throughout the property. Such damages can make a building unsafe to inhabit and pose serious health risks such as respiratory issues for those that occupy the building. Hence, a qualified commercial painting company needs to complete your external painting job to ensure safety.

Fade Resident Paint

Fading emerges much faster for exterior buildings next to the beach, as the painted surface is exposed to high amounts of sunshine for an extended length of time. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) and near-infrared (IR) radiation may be absorbed by pigments in the paint coating, and high absorption of these wavelength ranges can cause the exterior paint to fade dramatically.

Unfortunately, the color change caused by the “fading” effect is irreversible once it starts, so your building’s color can quickly become uneven or patchy.

There is no real solution to fading paint. The only solution is to paint new layers more frequently. Although there are ways to minimize the color fading effect, for example, a commercial painting company can suggest UV-resistant paint that will keep your commercial building looking at its best for longer between paint touch-ups.

Also, each time your sea-side property gets a repaint, the best method for prolonging the color is to pressure wash and scrub the whole exterior surface with a non-metallic scouring pad to remove any surface impurities and chalking. If you hire a good-quality commercial painting company, they should do this step without hesitation.

In general, using lighter color paint for your property’s exterior should be prioritized since lighter colors absorb less heat and UV rays. An experienced commercial painting company should help you choose paint colors made up of inorganic pigments and oxides, which are more UV resistant.

Use High-Quality Paint and Painting Supplies

To ensure the best possible quality of your ocean-side property, utilizing the best quality painting supplies and products will help you achieve the best possible result for your painting project, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial painting work.

While such high-quality products can be bought, you will be saving thousands in supplies if you hire a professional commercial painting company to handle the project.

You can rest assured that a professional commercial painting company will use high-quality painting supplies and products and provide efficient project management services with customized solutions, as they have extensive experience completing similar tasks.

Paint can wear off with time and require repair, so using reliable and long-lasting materials will reduce the amount of maintenance your building needs and extend the longevity of the paint finish. In addition, consider the kind of caulk your commercial painting company uses during the prep, as better caulking will extend the life of your paint job by two to five years.

A trustworthy commercial painting company would also have a strong working relationship with their paint manufacturer, allowing them to get the best paint colors and paint coating recommendations.

Regular Maintenance with a Reputable Commercial Painting Company

A well-kept building with a short- and long-term maintenance plan reduces the danger of property damage, preserves the building’s worth, and keeps inhabitants safe and happy.

A reliable commercial painting company should have a large enough in-house staff to address even the most difficult-to-reach areas promptly. So, you won’t have to pay extra costs in hiring subcontractors. Instead, you will have a professional, dependable crew with an average of 15 years of painting and maintenance expertise to provide painting work that is affordable and assured.

Ensure small issues in your building don’t turn into significant or expensive emergency repairs, with frequent building repairs, maintenance, internal and external painting from a reliable commercial painting company for your beach-side residential property, commercial building, and industrial warehouse.

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