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protect precious metals
By LINDA ARREN 1,685 views

3 Ways to Protect Precious Metals from Criminals

According to Forbes, nearly 1 million robberies occur annually in the US. With rising inflation and economic uncertainty, more and more people are becoming interested in investing in precious metals to hedge against inflation.

However, investing in precious metals might be frightening with the increasing number of thefts and robberies in the United States. So, if you want to invest in precious metals but the fear of getting robbed is stopping you from contacting a precious metals exchange, continue reading to learn ways to protect precious metals from criminals.

Ways to Protect Precious Metals from Criminals

Here are a few ways to invest in precious metals without fearing burglaries.

Invest In an In-Floor Safe

If you are considering purchasing a safe to secure your precious metals, it is time to think outside the box and avoid purchasing a conventional safe. Even though some high-quality safes are challenging to break into, thieves have devised methods for stealing valuables from safes.

So you want to invest in a concealed, impossible-to-carry, in-floor safe that ticks all of these boxes. You can easily install an in-floor safe in your house and cover it with a rug so no one knows it’s there. The chances of a thief discovering an in-floor safe in your home are minimal to none. Therefore your precious metals are likely to remain protected even if thieves break into your home.

Don’t Store Precious Metals in Expected Locations

If you store precious metals in a locked drawer, a burglar will look through this location first because it is where almost everyone stores their valuables. You want to find a way to hide your precious metals in an area where criminals are unlikely to find them.

When considering a spot to hide precious metals, consider yourself a criminal and ask yourself where you would look if you were robbing the place, and avoid storing precious metals in these areas. Here are a few unusual places you can hide precious metals within your home:

  • Plant pots: If you don’t already have plants in your home, it’s time to go out and get some plant pots for yourself since these make the ideal hiding spot for precious metals. Cover your precious metals with a protective layer and place it inside the plant pot during the potting process. No burglar with ever thinks of searching a plant pot for valuables
  • Backyard: Think about it, when burglars decide to rob a house, they focus on searching the rooms within the house and ignore areas like the backyard or patio. So if you have a backyard, you can bury your precious metals and plant flowers in the ground. No thieves have the time to dig up a backyard, so your precious metals will stay safe in case of a robbery
  • Freezer: Even if a criminal is well versed in the hidden locations to look for valuables when robbing the home, the freezer is the last place they will search. This makes the freezer an ideal site for high-value materials such as precious metals. Precious metals can be covered with a protective coating and placed in your freezer behind all the eatables.

Furthermore, because freezing temperatures play a preservative function on precious metals, your valuables will remain shiny and look as good as new even after months and years

  • Drywall: If you plan on installing drywall, try choosing a drywall with panels that you can easily remove. The small space behind the drywall panels makes an excellent hiding spot for valuables
  • Electric radiators: Most radiators have some extra space behind them which is an excellent location for hiding precious metals since even if a thief decides to get creative and use metal detectors, the metal in your electric radiators will shield your precious metals from getting detected
  • False ceiling: If your false ceiling is designed in a way where you can use it as a hiding spot for your precious metals, you can easily keep your precious metals there without the fear of having them stolen. Burglars will never think of searching your false ceiling, and even if they do, how will they manage to reach it?

Hold Valuables in a Precious Metals IRA Account

Gold and silver investment companies offer gold and silver IRA accounts that allow you to hold precious metals safely away from the hands of burglars. Furthermore, you can enjoy several benefits of holding precious metals in gold and silver IRA accounts since they allow you to benefit from flexible investments and plan a secure retirement.  Consider companies like Goldco which offers one of the best precious metals IRAs.

Concluding Thoughts

Precious metals make a safe investment that gives a hedge against economic disasters. So if you have not yet invested in precious metals due to fear of robbery, use the ways mentioned above to protect precious metals from criminals.

It’s time to contact a precious metals exchange to get your desired precious metals. If you are looking for reliable gold and silver investment companies, we recommend checking out Orion Metal Exchange since they offer one of the best precious metals IRAs.

Linda Arren

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