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Proven Ways To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat
By MANISHA GULERIA 2,272 views

Proven Ways To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat is the common problem faced by Men and Women presently. Belly fat call for many health issues and look nasty to the eye. To eliminate stubborn Belly fat is really difficult if you drive for dieting only. Utilize some part of life for exercise and a have proper diet to cut the belly fat.

There are multiple reasons why you are gaining fat around waistline area:

– Stress

– Poor sitting posture

– Restless sleep

– Extra sugar

– Diet sodas

– Intake of alcohol

– Fast food and processed food

– Overeating

– High protein & calories in diet

– Hormonal changes etc.

Therefore to reduce belly fat track your food intake and commit time to exercise daily.

What to do with Diet to reduce belly fat:

– Healthy lifestyle is key to reduce stomach fat. Eat five small meals in a day rather than intake all at once which is the main cause of belly fat.

– Never skip breakfast, add whole grain in breakfast to keep stomach full.

– Keep away all the unhealthy junk and processed food to increase fat burning speed. Include vegetables, fruits in the diet which are the best source of carbohydrates and proteins, also helpful to reduce fat.

– Include omega 3 foods in the diet which helps to reduce belly fat.

– Dinner 2 hours before sleep, eat less thus it will easy for the system to digest.

– Drink minimum 8 glasses of water in a day. Have a glass of water when you feel hungry, after that if you still feel the same eat something.

– Whenever crave to eat something make a shift to nuts. Nuts are best snacks to cool down the craving.

– Cut the level of sugar.

Exercise to reduce belly fat:

Simple way to reduce belly fat instead of going harsh with the body start walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. Apart from these below are some more exercises which help to reduce belly fat:

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

– Crunches

– Squats

– Twist Crunches

– Side crunches

– Side stretches

– Lung twist

– Stomach vacuum

– Planks Etc.

Instead of exercise, you can do some Yoga Asanas to reduce fat from belly:

– Sun salutation

– Mountain pose

– Hand to foot pose

– Cobra pose

– Triangle pose

– Camel pose etc.

Exercise and Yoga are the effective ways to hit the fat area. Take a small start and raise the amount with each passing day. Belly fat could break your confidence, so wake up fuel yourself for work out and shine confidently. If you are working person, leave the chair and walk for 30 steps after 30 minutes. Ditch the elevator and opt for stairs, prefer to walk instead of drive.